torsdag den 3. marts 2011

Oh Dior...

Why must you tempt me so?!

Dior Vernis Addict Collection - picture is courtesy of Dior.

Speaking like a true addict, I was checking out the local counter by a coincidence (now, I may call it that, LOL, but I find myself stalking the stores to see the new collections as soon as they arrive). My eyes met with the beautiful turquoise teal called Nirvana. Perfect name for this, to me, unobtainable polish. I have a soft spot for anything green, mint, teal and turquoise, so I forced myself to look at the other polishes so I wouldn't end up walking away from the store with a new polish in my bag and a broken wallet. 

My eyes caught Rock Coat and I instantly picked it up. It's a sheer black jelly meant to be layered over other polishes - I'm still wearing my crackle manicure but couldn't help but try it on my thumb. It was love at first sight.

Still, I ended up walking out of the store without either of them - telling myself over and over again that I can live without them. Of course I can... But life would be so much more fun with Rock Coat! And a new teal is never out of the way ;)

Have you seen this collection around the blogs, or at the counter? Do you like them? Do you ever get that OMG-they-released-ANOTHER-one-of-my-favourite-shades-and-I-must-have-it! like I feel with Nirvana?

I stumbled upon this blog while looking for swatches, and I thought I'd share my excitement with you :) Here's a link to swatches! Is it not beautiful?

I have no nail flashes for today, I really wish  could've bought them both and showed them off in a new manicure, but alas, I can't spend the close to 35$ on each at the moment. I will have t dream about these and enjoy my thumb while it lasts!

♥ Vetten

8 kommentarer:

  1. I can't wait till they get this here, I want the rock coat!!

  2. Hehe, "enjoy my thumb while it lasts". :D Cute. And I wish you didn't give the link of swatches. Teal one is really perfect, but the Rock Coat stole my heart. This baby can probably save any colour and makes the gorgeous one just ... to die for. *sigh* And no, I don't have enough money to spend on a single Dior bottle, let alone two. :(

  3. Une Ruxi, since we already have it in Denmark it shouldn't be too long before you can get it :) Rock coat is the one I'd choose if I could get one!

    Ulmiel, I'm sorry! I know they are both perfect, and me having a bit for dark greys took a look at Perfecto, and it is indeed a perfect dark grey. So, without being able to afford even one bottle, I now want three. I'm saving a little money for a few Ilamasquas there was a certain someone who made me want :P

  4. Glæder mig til at se dem på nogle gode billeder hvor man kan se hvor skønne de er :) Glæder mig specielt til at se rock coat, ikke noget en man umiddelbart har set før!

  5. these are way too high end for me, but i would love to at least get one to frame it up and put a tag saying "Most precious nail polish" and that would be Nirvana. Hahaha

  6. Hehehe, so I guess we're even. ;) :D

  7. Hot Damn, I want all of them, my favorite colours in some variation in this collection *looks at her empty wallet and drained bank account* No, no money to splash out on this collection... :(

  8. And then I went here:

    And now I like REALLY need these!!! Bugger that!!!