søndag den 13. marts 2011

H&M : Hunt Me Down

Hey girls!
Just a really quick post today to show you a colour I wore a week ago. I tried to spice it up with some Konad-ing, but failed miserably so I only have a clean creme to show you.

H&M is spot on with their nail polishes most of the time. Hunt Me Down is without doubt their take on the khaki-green from Chanel's collection the previous Fall. It's still a hot colour, and I find myself buying more and more clothes in this kind of colour, so I decided I had to try HMD :) 

I wore this colour just before filing my nails, and be sure that it was this picture that made me do it. My index fingernail was beginning to bend like crazy, yuck! 
It's a two-coater, with an okay formula - it wasn't breathtaking, nor was it a pain in the nail-buttocks!

H&M Hunt Me Down (with topcoat)
 I've decided I don't like the "new" bottles/handles on H&M's nail polishes. The brush is really thin, making it impossible for me to cover my nails without using a lot of strokes - and the handle is not too comfortable already. And it's not like H&M can't produce other alternatives - they use plenty of other bottles for their limited/collaboration collections. I just get so frustrated when it's such a pleasure to apply an OPI polish, that some brands have to make it so hard! Oh well... If the colour is worth it, I buy it despite the bottle. I guess I'm just being so spoiled, using OPI's every so often ;)

What do you think of the colour? And what's your take on H&M polishes in general?

♥ Vetten

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  1. I love the color, but it cost too much here in canada. i think its around 9-10dollars a bottle. do you mind if i ask how much you bought it for?

  2. Me encanta tu blog!! tienes unas uñas preciosas


  3. SiL, we pay 7.50$ US a bottle :) Considering that I can get a bottle of OPI or china glaze for 10$ US from ebay, it's a bit expensive, but I haven't found a similar colour yet. In other words, while H&M polishes are easier to obtain, I (mostly) only choose them over ebay buys if the colour is really unique. For comparison, OPI costs the equivalent of a whooping 23$ in stores here in Denmark and they aren't widely available at all to begin with! And I can easily get regular OPIs for 10$ including shipping on Ebay. Considering that, H&M isn't a cheap alternative, but for people with ebay it is. Hope this helps :)

  4. Silence is Loud, I know they are around 4 euro's in Holland so that's about half cheaper?

    I like the color but haven't worn it yet. And those new caps.. Stupid, right? The caps they had before were much better :(.

  5. I couldn't agree with you more, Deborah! The caps are a pain to hold. The old brushes were also much better :/ I don't see the point in this design, is it because it makes the bottles look bigger?

  6. I've never tried that brand before (probably not available here in New Zealand), but I love that colour!!

  7. I have this one aswell as many others from H&M. Here in Holland we pay €3,99 in the H&M store. I prefer the old bottles but H&M keeps changing them lol. The colours are gorgeous! (Bella's Choice, this one, U Must have this, etc.)

    xo Elize

  8. Makeupper, do you have clothing stores named H&M? That's the place these are sold :)

    Elize, I can't wait until the next bottle change, it can hardly be worse :P It seems that they are a bit cheaper in Holland. Bella's Choice is one amazing colour, I completely agree! And I have it in the old bottle even so :)

  9. Havde set ikke de problemer da jeg puttede min på, og den dækkede jo også kun i 1 lag, jeg har 3 forskellige flasker fra hm, og er egentlig meget godt tilfreds, måske fordi de har lavet nogle fantastiske farver, de koster godt nok en del, men heldigvis ikke så meget som fx Gosh :)

  10. Love the color!
    I think those H&M nailpolishes are around €4,00 here in Holland. That's maybe 4.50 us dollar. i'm not completely sure though.

  11. Solen > Det er nok bare en smagssag ;) Jeg kunne ikke få den til at dække med blot et lag, måske bruger jeg tyndere lag? Skal være ærlig og indrømme, at jeg hellere vil af med 60 kr. for en Gosh og få en nogenlunde børste/låg at holde ved, så hvis begge mærker havde lavet den samme farve, ville jeg vælge Gosh. Medmindre H&M altså brugte deres andre typer flasker ;)

    Avery, thanks for your help, it does seem they're cheaper in Holland for some reason :)

  12. Ja det er jo smag og behag :) Jeg have fx lidt problemer med opi's crackle, synes børsten gjorde den virkelig svær at styrer præcist!

  13. Måske har jeg bredere negle end dig? :) Det ville i hvert fald være en forklaring; brede børster virker meget bedre på mig end tynde. Det er heldigt der er så mange forskellige mærker, alle negle er unikke :)