fredag den 18. marts 2011

Catherine Arley #674

I have one of the most holographic Catherine Arley polishes to show you today; #674 :)

 CA holos doesn't show much holo effect in my lightbox, so I included a tiny macro with my regular bottle shot.

 #674 is a baby blue strong linear holographic polish. I want another name for this pretty right away, so let's refer to it as... Squirtle! Another pokemon name for another number - fair trade, right? :)

As always, I decided to start with a base colour, and this time I used Bahamian Escape from China Glaze, quite an opaque baby blue. It's a warm blue, and perhaps a little too warm for my skintone, so I was hoping Squirtle would be of help. I'm not fond of the red-ish colour it makes my skin appear, but oh well, maybe if I get used to it.

I used one coat of Bahamian, then two coats of Squirtle, one coat of China Glaze Fast Forward and were done!

I did the manicure just in time for the last few rays of sunlight, so I took a picture in both sunlight and with flash to show you. It's pretty obvious which is which, but I wrote it on the pics anyway :) My fingers look wrinkly, I hope you don't mind, LOL! They've been working hard today eating uhm, testing cookies I baked with the help of my boyfriend for his B-day.

Once again, I want to mention how my topcoat did not take one teeny bit of the holographic effect away. Thankfully!

Catherine Arley #674 - Squirtle, as it is named in my collection
I would be curious to see how this one compares to other blue holographics since I don't own other! It's on my wishlist, though (at least the list in my head - I forget to update the real version).

Because Squirtle is sheer, I think I want to test it on darker colours soon - it might be possible to make it even more awesome than a baby blue holo - after all, there are a few of those around. 

♥ Vetten

11 kommentarer:

  1. I have this polish and LOVE it! Cute pictures! :)

  2. 0_0 I wish these polishes were so annoying to get. Because this one looks especially yummy.

  3. great minds think alike!! yesterday i had nubar absolute layered over opi no room for the blues.=D and, i LOVE pokemon...xDDD good job!

  4. Den er virkelig flot. Hver gang du flasher en lak fra det mærke ærger jeg mig så meget over at de ikke er til at skaffe. Evil vette :P <3

  5. I need those polishes so bad ;(.

  6. Thanks for all your comments! :)

    Terry, layering holographic (and other effect polishes) is such a neat way to save those precious drops of gorgeous colour and get a great result at the same time :)

    Kathrin, ville ønske de var nemmere at få fat i :/ Måske bliver de det i fremtiden :)

  7. Woohoo, lovin' the name Squirtle♥
    The holo in this looks gorgeous, I wish they was more holo's available in my area, there never seems to be enough!

  8. Iih hvor er den flot :D Elsker så nogen her jo :D

  9. It's such a lovely shade! I compared Tevta's bottle of this one with my ChG 2NITE and in the bottles they don't look even close, at least to my judging scale they are different enough to own them both.

  10. den er super nice, den minder faktisk en smule om den blå fra kaleidoscope kollektionen :)

  11. Thanks girls! :)

    Ulmiel, I didn't even think of 2NITE, even though I have that one... It's such a unique shade of blurple, and you're right, they're not close :) I recently received Kaleidoscope Him Out (I believe - the baby blue from the Kaleidoscope coll.), and it is very similar colour-wise. I might do a comparison soon!

    Solen, du har helt ret! :) De ligner hinanden selvom konsistensen/grovheden er meget forskellig.