søndag den 13. marts 2011

CA #803 aka Bellsprout vs. L8R G8R - a green holo comparison

Another excuse to flash Bellsprout again! While no-one asked for a comparison, I did one for myself ;) I was curious to see the two compare.

I used one coat of OPI Greenwich Village and two coats of Bellsprout (CA #803) on my middle and pinky.
On my ring finger I used 2 coats of China Glaze L8R G8R (from the OMG collection).
Catherine Arley #803 vs. China Glaze - L8R G8R
In this picture, I have been wearing Bellsprout for 5 days. Amazing lack of tip wear, eh? I'm beginning to love Catherine Arley holos more and more!

While it's easy to see they're no match, I'm curious to know which of the two you like better. Bellsprout is without doubt my favourite, it goes much better with my skin tone than L8R G8R - but if you go for the most linear holo, L8R G8R is the winner. As for now I'll stick with Bellsprout, but maybe when (if!) I get a little colour on my skin this Summer, I'll try L8R G8R again.

Even though the Tronica collection is like nothing I hoped for, I might be hunting down Laser Lime. While I doubt it'll be no match for Bellsprout, I've come to the conclusion that the base colour of the holo matters more than the effect, and I'm willing to give it a chance :)

♥ Vetten

13 kommentarer:

  1. haha bellsprout! what a fitting name for 803! =DDD

  2. I really like the Bellsprout!! Drool!! I have found 9 of the 12 Tronica's so far, including Laser Lime. I like it, but not really for the prism effect. I hope you can find it soon too!!

  3. Bellsprout er så lækker, men elsker også L8R :)

  4. Hvor køber du Catherine Arley-lakker?

  5. De er virkelig flotte begge to! Men er nok mere til Bellsprout :)

  6. Still can't get over how breathtaking that green Catherine Arley polish is. :)

  7. i love ca better than china glaze :-)

  8. Wauw hvor ser det flot ud! Er helt vild med farven fra OPI :D

  9. Thanks for all your comments! :)

    Melissa, you are super lucky! I think the Tronicas are too expensive on ebay - 14$ for a newly released polish?! I wish I lived in the US right now :)

    Louise, jeg har købt dem gennem en bulgarsk butik over nettet men kan absolut ikke anbefale sælgeren. Der var ingen beskyttelse i kassen med lakker og flere gik i stykker :/ Disse nægtede sælgeren at refundere uden jeg havde sendt resterne, og det kan slet ikke betale sig porto-mæssigt vs. refund.