onsdag den 16. marts 2011

Catherine Arley # 673

Like I mentioned in my previous post, I just can't help but spice a purple creme up - or, as Elzar from Futurama would say - knock it up a notch! (any Futurama lovers out there? I love the Spice weasel! I want to make a franken inspired by it one day ♥)

Catherine Arley #673 
Anyway, this time I decided it was time to break the seal on another Catherine Arley holographic - #673.

In the bottle, #673 doesn't show a huge amount of holographic awesomeness, but that sure changes when it's applied!

As if I haven't ranted about this before, let me rant (I'm good at that, LOL) about the lack of good names for Catherine Arley polishes... So, once again, I felt like I had to rename this baby - and it is now called Ghastly. Yep, I found another pokémon as inspiration :)

I used my previous manicure, two coats of OPI Pamplona Purple, as base colour. CA holos are, in general, on the sheer side and I don't think it steals away from they gorgeousness to add a base colour - if anything, it makes them more interesting in the lack of sunlight (and we haven't had any around me for a week or more).  I used one coat of Ghastly, finishing off with a coat of Fast Forward - and it did not take away any of the holographic effect.

While Pamplona is definitely much too warm a purple compared to Ghastly, I was surprised to find the result to be good looking despite this! I think Ghastly is a pretty decent linear holo, not linear like Nfu Oh holos or OMG holos, but like other rough, linear holos. I will have to try this baby on its own when the sun shows ♥

It ended up looking much like the bottle colour, don't you think? 

Catherine Arley #673 - flash, indoor

Getting tired of seeing Catherine Arley holos, or is it a nice change from the boring Tronica collection? (No disrespect if you like the Tronica collection - after all it does have a few gems, and it's pretty in it's own way - just not very holographic as I hoped for!). As much as I am disappointed in the Tronicas, a few of the colours are speaking to me, so I might get them for stamping purposes.

♥ Vetten

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  1. I never get tired of seeing polish!! no matter how many times. this is a lovely one, and I haven't seen it before

  2. This is beautiful! <3 I got 4 Catherine Arley's waiting for me at home. Can't wait to try them! And this one is on my WL too! :)
    I was fist dissapointed with Tronica but after seeing lots of swatches I want at least 3. :) They're definetely not like OMG but they're still beautiful. <3

  3. Catherine Arleys are fabulous, I probably should have skipped Tronica and taken the shipping risk with these.

  4. It's so amzaing!!
    I can't wait to try this brand!

  5. I am a little disappointed with my Tronicas, but as I had seen a few swatches I pretty much knew they weren't the best holos going in....honestly, I was more excited that they tie in with Tron and they had a sexy Siren on the display!

    That said, I will NEVER grow tired of your Catherine Arley's, especially since I don't know how to get them here in Portland, Oregon.

  6. Beautiful colour! Ghastly is the perfect name.

  7. Skide flot farve, tror ik jeg har set en så mørk lilla holo før, men kan selvfølgelig godt være det bare er hukommelsen :P

  8. Virkelig en skam at man kun kan købe de lakker et sted som ikke anbefales. Den er rigtig lækker den holo der <3

  9. Thanks for all your comments! :)

    Ivana, you have something to look forward to, CA holos are worth the wait! :)

    Melissa, I'm sure you'll love your tronicas with time - they seem to be just as expensive/popular on ebay, and I think they would be amazing as stamping polishes :)

    Kathrin, ja det er virkelig en skam :( Hvis jeg finder andre steder der fører dem skriver jeg det fluks i bloggen :)

  10. Lovely! I'm surprised by the sheerness of C.A.! It's the first time I read about it. Well, I'll oder a few, guess I can't resist them. To tell you the truth, I'm a bit overfed of holo in general. I thought that would be impossible, but first Tronica, then Catherine Arley and with both of them whole bunch of other holos. But then again, I just got 10 new Eveline holos, and am ordering Catherine Arleys, so mabye I should shut up and enjoy the rainbows on the nails. ;) Love your swatches, as always!

  11. J'adore la couleur et le brillant