onsdag den 25. august 2010

Rock Solid!

Today I am in the mood for something dark. I want it to match most outfits, and since I often wear black I think it is a nice opportunity to try out one of my new black nail polishes!

One of the local grocery stores had a special on "Wet n wild" make-up with 50% off, so of course I had to check out their stock. I was disappointed to see they only had about 10-15 colours, but at least they had one I had been wanting to try, Rock Solid "Dream Black Metallic". I also picked up a solid black which I will be using for base when I get my hands on some nail art pens and konad stamps! Oh, my shopping list is big for September, LOL!

Anyhow, Dream Black Metallic was a dream to apply. Just wow. It has perfect consistence, great coverage (I used 1-2 layers, 1 thick-ish on some nails and two thin on the others - I wanted to try out both). Usually I'm against using thick layers, but this one dries so quickly and evens out despite of it so I actually prefer one thick coat! I wish all nail polishes were as nice in consistence and coverage as this one :) It also has a nice, flexible brush. No, I haven't been paid to test it out, lol, though I admit it is rare I think so highly of a polish. Usually it's either consistence or coverage.

Wet n Wild ~ Rock Solid ~ Dream Black Metallic

In the bottle, Dream Black Metallic is a shimmer with both green, purple and bronze/yellow. Applied, I can only make it show hints of green, so that was a little disappointing. Still, I think it's a beautiful black shimmer. Definately worth a try!

Also, I'm getting a lot better applying nail polish in general which I hope you can see from the pictures. I'm sorry my index finger nail is so short on all my shots in general; I have issues with these breaking all the time :( Applying nail hardener regularly is helping, so hopefully they'll grow out rather sooner than later!

Here's a picture! I used a base coat but no top coat.

Wet n Wild ~ Rock Solid ~ Dream Black Metallic

And lastly, a bonus picture! It features a yellow polish (unkown brand I purchased while being on holiday in Greece a couple of years ago), and a cute Dollymix G1 My Little Pony!

Until I write again!
~ Vettelicious

søndag den 22. august 2010

Miss Minty!

Here's a small review of a GOSH nail polish I picked up last week - #597 Miss Minty (I'll be saving Miss Grey for later). It is the sweetest mint colour with just a tiny hint of blue, especially in direct sunlight. It was a coincidence I found it - it wasn't on the GOSH shelves, but in a box with a few other colours. I knew as soon as I saw it that I had to have it, I'm a big fan of mint green and needed a pale version!

GOSH Miss Minty & Miss Grey
I applied two coats, if you prefer thick coats one is sufficient, but I must warn you it takes a long time to dry - even a thin coat. I don't have much experience, but to my knowledge anyway ;) It does cover great with two coats though, so I think you spend the same time as on a 3-coats polish.

I haven't been much at home this weekend, so I didn't get to take a picture before I applied a topcoat. I chose my favourite right now, Essie's Matte About You (I seriously can't give this one enough stars!) and I think the matte coat makes it more autumn-ish. It's a very subtle colour, but I think it looks great with black clothes and a few mint hints here and there.
GOSH Miss Minty
As you can see, I desperately need to fix my cuticles (especially in the sides), they look horrible. I'll be ordering some cuticle treatment next month, so I hope you can bear with me until then :) I just ordered a nail polish remover pen, which should make it easier for me to remove excess polish close around the nail (without removing some from the nail, which I stupidly do when I'm in a hurry). Any tips and recommendations would be greatly appreciated so I can come closer to the good-looking manicure!

Lastly, thanks to my first 2 followers - I'm super-psyched there's actually someone reading out there, thank you so much! <3 

Bye for now!

Gotta love that mint green..

I couldn't resist ordering a bunch of nail polishes. I've been good until now, only written down wishlists and saved bookmarks, planning to splurge when I get my next paycheck... but I just couldn't resist Eyeko's Vintage (a wonderful mint green) - it was unbelievably cheap and thus, I ordered some other colours too! Will show them off the minute I receive them.

Today I've prepared my nails for a new colour I'll put on tomorrow - another evidence of my mint green obsession. More about that when I'm done! I also updated the post called "dappen dish" with pics of the purple combo w/Essie's Matte About You, my new favourite top coat.

fredag den 20. august 2010

I fiddled a bit with the design...

And I quite like it now! It looks way better at least :) I used to be an all-pink person, but lately teal-turqouise has been the new pink for me. 
It's no secret that I love being creative - whether it's drawing, painting, sculpting or sewing (in hand), key chains, customizing toys, etc. I've experimented with it. My main preference is drawing, it's the thing I enjoy the most and what I'm best at (whether I'm good can be discussed LOL). I want to share a few drawings of my alterego, Taffy. She's a mix of a rat and dog (yes, I like to draw furries - this is not everyones preference, but I assure you I do it purely to have fun... no dodgy thoughts behind it LOL). She's like me in many ways - so you can probably find hints of my personality here and there in my drawings. She's also the character featured on my teeny, pixelated avatar. 

Bigger version of my avatar

Taffy & Bunny <3

In the future, I'll be uploading drawings and other stuff I make every once in while. It's a good distraction from buying nail polishes LOL.

You can check out my furaffinity profile here for more drawings ~

Have a great weekend!
~ Vettelicious

Dappen dish? *Update*

Today I received my very first nail polish bought online - and it wasn't a polish per say. It's Essie's Matte About You - a matte topcoat I've seen featured on a lot of blogs and wanted to try out for myself!I bought it from Ebay, and the seller wrote "dappen dish" under the customs note - I have no idea what that means! But I didn't have to pay custom fee's, so I'm good!

My first online bought nail polish! Definitely not the last!

Yesterday I went into town to buy a few polishes I had been looking at a few days ago. I thought I could live without them, but when I got home I started to regret not buying them, so I figured I might as well get them before they're sold out ;) I bought all of them in H&M, let's take a look...

The first is a mini, called "Grey Sky" - it's very subtle but it is a shimmer. It has a pinkish purple tint to it, an is not a shade I would usually wear - but I have plans for this one..

H&Ms Grey Sky

Here's a picture where you can (hopefully) see the shimmer ~

H&Ms Grey Sky
Up next is one I decided to try immediately after getting home. It's called Mambo and I'm pretty sure it's an older release - it looks nothing like the current lines, or maybe the H&M in my area doesn't carry the particular line (I'm pretty sure you think whatever, right? LOL). There was only one left, so I was thrilled to see it hadn't been sold :)
It's a pretty nothing-too-special dark purple - it's way more warm than the pictures show, though! Here's pictures!

H&Ms Mambo

Me wearing Mambo - excuse the wobbly lines and smudges

I also bought my first glittery polishes from the Hello Kitty Make-up line - I love Hello Kitty so I thought it a great opportunity to try out some bling bling! Their names are pretty basic, Glitter Silver and Glitter Purple. My camera had problems picking up the warm purple again.. It might have something to do with the crappy, clouded sky outside!

H&Ms Hello Kitty Nail Polish - Glitter Silver & Glitter Purple
I decided to try out Glitter Purple on top of Mambo, and here's what it looks like ~

H&Ms Mambo and HK Glitter Purple

Up close so you can see the sparkles!

I like the result, especially considering these are both cheap polishes - I paid 29,95 dkr. for Mambo and 24,95 dkr. for each Glitter. It's a bit too flashy for everyday use (at least for me), but then again it brightens any grey day. It's a combo I'm pretty sure I will use in the future when I'm in the mood for purple! After I was done taking pictures, I looked at my new matte topcoat and thought "hey... that might make the blend a little less bling!" I tried it on one nail and I love it! I hope I have time to do a shot tomorrow to show you :)


Update ~ to show with Essie's Matte about you topcoat - on my thumb! Se the difference? I think it looks great! Sadly, the camera focused on the glittery ones, not the matte.. Oh well. Next time I'll do better :)

Thanks for reading!
~ Vettelicious

tirsdag den 17. august 2010

It's Tuesday...

I can hear the rain on my window, it's been pouring down all day. I decided that since I was going to stay indoor, I might as well make use of my camera and take a few pics for the blog. 

I want to start by sharing my latest purchase - a flaky polish from Gosh called "Rainbow". I would like to thanks Neglenymferne for showing this polish; without the recommendation I would've never looked twice on it. 

GOSHs Rainbow

I had to try it as a topcoat on another polish, and since I put on Rimmels #825 Sky High the day before, it was quick to do a test. And boy, did I like the result (see further down for the results).
I purchased Sky High last Friday, I was on a mission to find a certain purple/lavender-ish nail polish (which I never found, btw - but I'm still searching!). I've always LOVED teal coloured clothing, and ofc I had to get a polish to match!
I don't like the texture (it's on the thick side) and the wide brush was awful to be honest. It took me 2 - 3 layers to cover. Still, it's a colour I will use every now and then (especially when I manage to get a hold of another brush..), and it did dry faster than most of my other polishes! If you like teal, this is the colour for you!

Rimmels #825 Sky High

And the results of Sky High + Rainbow:

I smudged it because I was in too much of a hurry to take a picture! D'oh. Here's a closeup:

It looks like flakes from opals... Sooo pretty! <3

mandag den 16. august 2010

My very first post!

Today I decided I wanted to create a blog to share my newest obsession - nails! I'm still working on the design of the blog, but it's slowly coming together - a new header should be ready soon! For now, enjoy Jolly, a German White Shepherd (on this picture 4 weeks old), munching on a nail. Pretty fitting, actually.

I'm fairly new and very much an amateur, but I love buying, collecting and working with nail polish. I do it because it's fun - so if the results aren't professional, I don't care (although I do appreciate tips of course!).

I will end this introduction with a picture of the two things that started my obsession: Nail decals and turquoise nail polish from Depend <3
Please ignore the wonky layers, dry cuticles and crappy pic - I'm a newb!