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Nfu Oh #51 - Did I really need Unicorn Pee after all?

Hey girls!

This weekend it feels like time flew by! Sure, we changed into summertime here in Denmark, but that's not why I feel the weekend is too short - I was busy playing Plants vs. Zombies (a gift from my boyfriend since I kept borrowing his PC to play it LOL). Yes, I'm super late joining the trend that is P. vs. Z., but oh well. Better late than never :)

Nfu Oh #51
I changed my manicure last night, and I decided to try one of the last Nfu Oh flakies I haven't shown yet - #51. As soon as I received the bottle, I couldn't help but thinking about Clarins 230 aka Unicorn Pee. These polishes are very similar. Today I found out if I should've skipped 230, and I will tell you this later in the post ;)

I decided to layer #51 over a purple creme to bring out the purple jelly base. I used two coats of China Glaze Grape Pop and one coat of #51 - it could do with another layer, but I wanted the purple to be dominant, so I stopped with one coat.
This polish has a million faces. It is incredibly hard to photograph - at night, all I could flash was the purple base! So I decided to wait until today with some proper light, and it helped some.... But still, believe me when I echo what other bloggers say; this polish is more beautiful in real life ♥

It's heavily packed with flakies and shimmer. I think the flakies are orange and green, similar to the ones in #49, but don't quote me on that. The shimmer reflects the entire rainbow - gold, orange, red, green - and if you add another dimension, blue! 

This is best shown in the ring I made to match my manicure :) I have another post coming about my rings, so I will leave you with a picture of this one to start with. Think of it as an appetizer ;)

I couldn't settle with just one picture of this polish, so out of the 50 I took, I chose 4 and put them in a collage. I think they represent the different faces of the polish quite well, but this is just one of the polishes you have to see for yourself.

Nfu Oh #51 over China Glaze Grape Pop

So, to repeat myself - this is bottled rainbow. It's amazing. I love flakies, and I love Clarins 230's effect - having both in one polish is just polish heaven to me. I do think the two are rather different though, 230 containing much more shimmer is gorgeous on another level... and I wouldn't rethink my purchase if I had the chance. Why settle for one rainbow when you can have two? :)

What's you opinion about #51 - is it worth the buzz? If Clarins is too expensive for you, or just impossible to find, I can highly recommend #51 - it will make you feel magical ♥

♥ Vetten

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  1. Great minds think alike. ;) :D I agree with you 100%. And yes, I think 51 is worth the buzz, although my undying love in Opal department stays with 56. What can I say, I'm a green polish girl. :) Clarins is, sadly, too expensive for me ... but if I had that amount of money to spend on a single bottle of nail polish, I would. It's magical. But I do think 51 is a very nice substitute. Still, like you said - why one rainbow, if you can have two? ;)

  2. I totally agree with the Unicorn Pee description, it fits this nail polish perfectly! It is one of my favourites too and I think it's totally worth the buzz. Basically I agree 100% with everything you said about it. And I love the ring you made, I made one for myself with this polish too, it's fabulous!

  3. I have this on my nails at the moment and it was def worth the buy. This was my first of many Nfu Oh's!

  4. Wowzers, THIS is STUNNING!!!
    You'd think that a polish this beautiful would be sold worldwide but no...
    But indeed, tis worth the buzz!
    A flakie is good enough for me, but add DUOCHROME with it ANNNNND rainbow. The, Omg <3

  5. Personligt synes jeg den er skide flot og er glad for jeg har den, har ik lige fulgt så meget med i hypen over clarins, den sagde mig egentlig ik så meget igen :(

  6. hehe unicorn pee, what a lovely way to describe the awesomeness of 51!!

  7. This is such a beautiful polish. Ahh, I need to get my hands on some Nfu Oh flakies! :D

  8. i can't wait to read about the ring!!!

  9. Wow this flakie is beautiful. I wish i could get my hands on some of these in Canada!

  10. Skriv snart om ring den ser fantastisk ud :D

  11. Thanks so much everyone! I promise I'll get some proper pics of the rings soon :)

    To those of you who don't have easy access to Nfu Oh (like me), I purchase them from Faboulustreet (a US company). They are awesome to deal with and even though this is out of stock quite often, you can always contact them and have them order more and let you know when then have them in stock! :) Hope this helps everybody get their rainbow <3

  12. Den er virkelig flot, og det er ringen også!

  13. Hvor er den bare lækker :D

  14. Thanks for the advice...I think I may cross Unicorn Pee off my list, which I need to whittle down anyway....I've been having too much fun lately!!