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China Glaze - Sea Spray

While I'm sure many of you are getting tired of seeing the Anchors Away collection, I hope you can bear with me ;) In general, I'm a bit late with most collections. It takes time for the bottles to travel all the way to Denmark, and even longer before I get to them in my never-ending stash of untrieds! Besides, I never buy a polish because it's "in", or just because I want to flash it while it's new, so all my polishes are equal in that matter - I wear what I feel like, not what the current trend tells me to. Of course I'm influenced (and tempted) by all the new shades in each collection, but then it's because of the colour itself and not the in-factor. I'm sure most of us feel that way :)

China Glaze - Sea Spray
I was really looking forward to Sea Spray, all the swatches around the blogs had me swoon over the gorgeous yet hard to describe grey-blue shimmer. I'm not sure if it's a baby blue with grey in it, or a light grey with blue in it. In the end it doesn't really matter, does it? Sea Spray didn't disappoint me in real life; it's a really gorgeous colour.

The shimmer in Sea Spray is amazingly hard to capture. I gave up trying, but you might be able to see some teeny tiny shimmering particles in the picture, but don't despair if you don't - it's not that visible IRL either!

When I received Sea Spray I immediately thought of another blued grey I have from a brand called Nilens Jord - swatched here. While #666 from Nilens Jord is definitely a lot darker, they share some resemblance - they both have subtle shimmer and the blue tone. I think they'd work amazing together in a manicure, so I will have to try those together one day :)

I used one coat of my base coat NailTek II and two coats of Sea Spray. I didn't use a top coat as I was playing with Black Shatter :)

While I'm very satisfied with the colour and opacity of Sea Spray it does bring out the red in my skin tone :/ I really wish it worked better with my colour, but I will still be using this colour a lot - I will have to make it work ;) Ever felt this way about a polish?

For once I didn't take the manicure-picture in my lightbox - the sun was shining bright and I was desperately trying to capture that elusive shimmer!

China Glaze - Sea Spray

What's your thoughts about Sea Spray (and all it's cousins from other brands)? Are you excited about China Glaze's Anchors Away collection? As for me, I didn't find too many I couldn't live without - but colours like Sea Spray are worth getting a spare bottle of, so my wallet is happy about that fact :) In general, it seems like greyed out colours are here to stay, and I'm thrilled with it! 

♥ Vetten

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  1. so pretty! i REALLY want this one but havent found it yet :X it looks a lot darker than i expected though...oh well :P

  2. So gorgeous! I hope I'll get mine soon. :/ I see the Anchors Away got half-half good feedback. Lots of bloggers think of it mostly as a pass, maybe one colour worth buying ... I'll get 6 of them. Which is half of the collection. Which is some kind of record for me. I don't know why, but this collection is rocking my world 100%. Even Ahoy!, and I thought it will be too pink for me. Starboard is one of my favourite greens, Below Deck so incredbily chic I can't get sick of wearing it, Ahoy! one of those that make my gloomy days brighter ... the other three I'm still waiting to get, but Sea Spray is my star of the collection according to swatches, I'll layer our house with White Cap, it looks so awesome on every base, and Life preserver just might be my all time summer colour. So yeah, for me a winner collection. :) Uf, long comment, sorry! :)

  3. Thanks girls! :)

    Katrina, it might just be my über pale fingers that makes it look dark, LOL! In real life, both my fingers and the colour is as pale as most swatches, I'd say :)

    Kathrin, det er en klar vinder! <3

    Ulmiel, don't excuse the long comment! I love hearing your opinion, especially because I initially felt bored with Anchors Away. Then I started falling for one, then two, then three and now I have 4 colours and one more on the way! It might be my new love for subtle and greyed out colours, but I agree that this collection is truly something special <3

  4. Great pics, I have just bought this one and am going to try it tomorrow hopefully :-) looks great on you xx