søndag den 6. februar 2011

Depend Crackle Effect - Red

This'll just be a quick post to show you the last of the four crackle effects I bought last week, made by the Scandinavian brand Depend :)

Crackle Effect polishes from Depend
The bright red crackle effect is the one I decided to wear as a full manicure when I was having fun with these.

While the thought of a red crackle intrigues me, the red effect from Depend is not the most opaque crackle.

While you can certainly make this work on black base colour, you will need a topcoat to pull it off - without it it will look like dried blood (brown red), and IMO that just doesn't look great. 

I took a comparison picture, and mind you - it looks redder/more orange-ish in the picture than in real life. I'm not exaggerating; I really think it looks like dried blood without top coat.

In general, this crackle was a bit fickle to get a good picture of - at least for me. 
Either the crackles wouldn't show up at all or the colour would be really off, so I used the best results for both with and without topcoat. I hope they're use-able ;)

I used one coat of base coat, one coat of Wet'n'Wild Black Creme and one coat of crackle for the shot on the left and added a coat of China Glaze Fast Forward before the right picture.

Red Crackle Effect from Depend, natual sunlight on the left (no topcoat) & flash on the right (with topcoat).

While I wish this crackle would've been more opaque and more visible from afar, I'm pleased with the result and will be using it every now and then. I just need some good red colour combinations - any ideas? And how do you like the red crackle? I know many people were excited about the red version (as was I, since it's quite a bold colour), did it disappoint or are you still psyched about it?


6 kommentarer:

  1. wow, this one looks great!
    any combo of red and black is winner in my book ;-)

  2. Thank you, I'm glad you like it :)

  3. I didn't even realize Depend had come out with crackles until I saw your entries. They look like a lot of fun!

  4. Hey Karen! Yes, they are lots of fun :) Definitely worth having a look at.

  5. Det er nok ik liiige en af de næste favoritter fra Depend.. Ved ikke.. hm bryder mig nok bare ik om farven :/

  6. Helt fair Rijah, hver mand sin smag :) Personligt ville jeg også ønske, de havde lavet pastel crackles (eller i det mindste lavede en grøn), men er alligevel glad for dem de nu lavede :)