tirsdag den 1. februar 2011

Kiko #255 Purple Microglitter

Today I want to show you a fantastic purple combination. I'm loving this simple, quick manicure so much that I'm thinking about wearing it forever! If only I could lol, I know temptation is just a corner away ;)

CG Grape Pop & Kiko #255
Quite a while ago my friend in Germany bought some KIKO nail polishes for me - this was one of the ones I was most giddy about, and I finally reached for it and decided to give it a go.

The reason I hadn't done so earlier, is that I needed a good, purple base and the ones I had were too cold. Having recently purchased China Glaze Grape Pop, I tried to match them - while Grape Pop is still a tad on the cold side, I found that it doesn't matter as #255 warms it up anyway. I guess I finally learned it doesn't really matter unless the top colour is a very sheer polish!

The picture on the left shows #255 way too cold, but I had trouble finding the true hue in my lightbox (and in all kinds of light, actually. My camera doesn't seem to want to pick it up). That's also why I decided to include a non-light-box picture of the result, as the true colour is closer to that than on the first pictures.

As much as I love this polish, I'm really disappointed it doesn't have a proper name. I'm bad with numbers and had to reach for the bottle in order to write this post - and this polish is in my top 20! On Kikos website, it's described as Purple Microglitter, which will be it's name until I can think of a better nickname for this pretty. God knows it deserves it!

I started with one coat of basecoat, Nailtek II, added one coat of Grape Pop, then one coat #255 and lastly tried out my new top coat, Fast Forward from China Glaze, which I'm very impressed by. I will do a post about my basic stuff one day, but for now let me just say that it's a great substitute to Seche Vite.

I wanted to limit myself to one picture of the result as I do most of the time, but I found it so pretty that I couldn't narrow it down from the last two. I also added a picture taken in yellow evening light, to show you how warm this purple really is.

Kiko #255 - Purple Microglitter, natural sunlight

Take one look at the amazing sparkles on my ringfinger and tell me you're not in love ♥

Kiko #255 - Purple Microglitter, natural sunlight - close-up.
And lastly, a picture to show the warm purple it flashes most of the time ♥

Kiko #255 - Purple Microglitter, artificial yellow light - close-up.
Holographic sparkles made my day! A real pick me up when I needed it. This'll be my go-to colour for days where I need that little smile ;)

I sure hope this post wasn't too long for ya, kudos if you made it to the end :)

♥ Vettelicious

8 kommentarer:

  1. Lækker farve, som overraskede mig lidt ved at være så dækkende :)

  2. this is Gorgeous!!
    I am in love...!!

  3. SD, Takker! Kiko laver nogle lækre effektlakker :)

    Thank you Renate :)

  4. Jeg synes også det er så irritende når de ikke har navne :( Altså hvor svært kan det lige være at skrive den hedder dimmedut eller hothotspot eller noget helt andet :P

  5. Hvor ser det bare godt ud. Er vild med den kombination du har fået lavet. Elsker glimmer :D

  6. Takker Rijah og Kathrin, glimmer er så dejligt ja :) Og hvorfor det er så svært at finde på et navn - og de endda har givet deres lakker navne på hjemmesiden men ikke på flasken (!!) DET er dovenskab.. Synes det er vildt fjollet :)

    Thank you Lois! :)

  7. Wow, that is a fabulous combination indeed. I am itching to try the Kiko polishes too. My brother lives in Germany so now I must convince him to get some for me.