søndag den 13. februar 2011

Alice in Wonderland / Valentines manicure

Hey girls! Doing anything fun this weekend or on Valentines day? :)

Alice in Wonderland inspired stickers
I know Valentines day is an American tradition, and a lot of people in Denmark are against the concept of "adopting" the tradition seeing as it is mainly stores that wants us to spend money LOL. I like the idea behind Valentines day though (what can I say - I love any excuse to spend time with my loved ones and I love everything tacky!), and even though I'm not celebrating anything with my boyfriend, I figured I could do a manicure and celebrate in my own way ;)

I bought the stickers to the left from an internet store based in the UK, Nailtopia. I love Alice in Wonderland, I've always been a fan of the Disney cartoon (or the fake version I grew up with - I wish I could find it!), and with the movie released last year my love was rekindled.

I wanted a base that fitted both the red and black stickers, and thought it would be fun to use a red base for the first time. Yes, this is the first time I'm wearing a red polish! Ever! But, as I suspected, red alone isn't really me, so I found my black creme from WnW and some scotch tape :) Sorry if you think it's a bit tacky/boring I used the diagonal design again - I really like it and don't grow tired of it within a few hours as I do with funky french manicures. So be prepared to see a few of these in the future ;)

I used my new OPI Paint My Moji-toes Red as the base (after seeing it quite a few times on Neglenymfernes blog I decided it was the perfect red, and I wasn't disappointed). It covered nicely in one coat, then I used a coat of Fast Forward topcoat, then did the diagonal with scotch tape and my black creme, added another layer of Fast Forward, and then I was ready for the stickers! I used a layer of Fast Forward on top of the stickers to prolong the wear of them.

OPI Paint My Moji-toes Red + WnW Black Creme
For the first time in - well, maybe the first time ever - I decided to include a picture of my right hand of the end result :) It took me a while to paint properly with my left hand, but I think I got it now.

Right Hand            |             Left Hand
I'm thinking of cutting my nails short soon, but I feel like these long canvases are just too much fun to shorten, LOL! There's room for much more nail art :)

The stickers are really fun to work with, and again they're rubber-based so they can be stretched to fit (which was very nice with the note-thingy as I cut it a wee bit too short). All in all I'm very pleased with these and don't regret paying a little bit extra for some high quality stickers. It's a shame they're one-time use only though, as I'd love to wear Alice quite often :) I'd say there's enough for two manicures in one sheet.

♥ Vetten

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  1. Uwaaaa, I am absolutely loving this mani! It's so cute and you have combined everything perfectly! The red and black go really well with the stickers ^_^ I have this sheet too, from a mass haul I did when I was in Japan. I didn't know they were sold in the UK too, thank you for the information, I will add the site to my bookmars :D

  2. Aj hvor cute, hver gang du laver så nogle fede negle, tænker jeg på hvornår du kommer og laver mine??

  3. I love how cute this design is! I'm surprised how cheap those pa stickers are! Theres a store by me that sells pa stuff and the stickers are VERY expensive.

  4. Hvor er det flot :D Er drøn misundelig på dig :D Skal hilse og sige der altså er masser af plads på de korte negle også ;)

  5. Oh This came out so good!! I absolutely love it

  6. this is just great, i love this mani :-)

  7. Thanks so much everyone! I'm glad you like the design/line-up :)

    Cel, thank you! I was super thrilled to find these stickers available or order online, but it must be so much fun to be able to get them from Japan :)

    Solens, haha, du kan jo sagtens selv :) Du tør endda lege med løs glimmer, det har jeg ikke prøvet endnu ;)

    Rachel Marie, I had no idea it was an expensive brand some places! Then I shouldn't be complaining about the price, that's for sure. Besides, the design is so cute and original as nail stickers that I think it is well worth the price or I never would've bought them :)

    Rijah, tusind tak! :) Før eller siden ryger de også, da jeg har slået et par flager af og de trænger til en frisk start. Men har lige et par designs mere jeg skal lege med inden :)

  8. Wow! Det er godt lavet! Er helt vild med farven på den OPI-lak. Må fluks på eBay :D


  9. Tusind tak - også for at følge bloggen :) Ja, Paint my moji-toes red er en lækker rød base :)

  10. Ja, og den var så lækker, at jeg kom til at købe den på eBay i går aftes. Glæder mig til at modtage den :D

    Kan allerede nu fornemme, at det kan blive en dyr fornøjelse af følge med herinde...


  11. Thanks so much for posting the link where you found the alice in wonderland stickers. I saw another design with these stickers and fell in love with them but I couldn't find them after hours of googling. This mani is gorgeous by the way. Following now<3