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Tag : Stylish Blogger Award

Rachel Marie and Ali tagged me with the stylish blogger award! Thanks, both of you! :) Both are bloggers that will leave you with lots of inspiration in each post! I recommend checking them out if you haven't done so already.

This tag is about sharing 7 tings with your wonderful readers. I'd better tell a little about myself! I'll do it the nail-fanatic way and make it about me and nail polish ;)

#1 When I was little, I hated using make-up. I even hated it the first few years being a teen. I've always secretly admired nail polish, though, and those who mastered it, but didn't have enough patience myself.
#2 It wasn't until May 2010 or so I got hooked on polishes myself. It started with the discovery of a few danish blogs, and a certain nail polish from Depend called #54, a beautiful turquoise unlike anything I had ever seen for nails. I bought 4 extras, because I never thought I would find a colour this beautiful again. I still adore this colour, but I have many favourites now!

#3 When I take interest in something, I do it whole-heartedly. Nail polish is one of those hobbies that I "fear" will stick with me forever - there is so many colours out there, and the companies continue to make amazing new colours and trends meaning my collection will never be done, so to say.

#4 All of my hobbies have something to do with colour - whether it be nail polish, drawing/painting, collecting vintage toys, I must be sucked in by colours, and the variance in these. They make me smile :)

#5 Before getting hooked on Depend #54, I only ever used black and pink polish, one at a time. Had I only known about the gorgeous glitters out there..

#6 I used to pick my nails real short, and until I started using nail polish regularly I couldn't stop.

#7 I don't use much make-up besides nail polish. I use eyeliner and a teeny tiny amount of foundation to cover blemishes on daily basis and very rarely anything else.

I'm going to break the rules and only tag a few people! This tag has been going around on blogs for a while now, and I fear I might be tagging some that have already been tagged, lol.

I'm going to tag:

And I'm too lazy to write you, so I hope you see this! ;D Joking, I'm pretty sure you read my blog, and it's more fun to find out this way!

♥ Vetten

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  1. Yay! Det er første gang jeg er blevet tagget. Spændende. Det må jeg lige huske at få gjort :D