mandag den 17. januar 2011

Essence - I Love Berlin - #01 I Love This City

Sweet sweet Mandy were so awesome to pick up some new limited colours from Essence for me, and today I want to show you an amazing pink creme. It's called I Love This City and is from the I Love Berlin limited collection.

I decided to cut my nails today, they were getting a bit too long for work. I want them short before they break, LOL. I really like this length, and I think the shape looks great with nail polish on (not without though, but who cares when I'm always wearing one colour or another?). What do you think, too square or anything else to note? I don't like that my middle fingernail appears shorter because it isn't as high on my finger as the rest, but the tip is just as long as the others. Any tips?

For once, I have more than one picture to show you, even though this is just a creme. I know I've been saying this a lot about the cremes I've showed you lately, but this colour is perfection in a bottle. I was a little frustrated at my nails after the french glitter stickers, and this made me love nail polish all over again! It's salmony pink, but with a subtle enough yellow tone to still make it work for me. It's a total Barbie pink ♥

Essence - I Love This City - flash

Essence - I Love This City - flash and artificial light

Essence - I Love This City - artificial light, no flash

This gorgeousness is a two-coater and very streaky. It was nothing my topcoat couldn't take care of though, Seche Vite Fast Dry is win! And the colour is worth the application.

As you've probably already noticed, I love this polish. It's my favourite pink creme now and I'm so sad it's a limited colour... I can't even get a spare! I'll be on the hunt for a dupe, that's for sure.

Thank you Mandy, for giving me the opportunity to try this amazing colour. I owe you big time! :)


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  1. I love this polish. I want the whole collection I keep calling my nail supplies store asking if this collection has came in yet. By the way I love your banner it has my favorite polishes! (im a new follower check out my blog)

  2. Sikke en lækker fersken farve, den ka jeg sgu godt li :)

  3. Hehe, this looks fab on you~
    It wouldn't suit me because my skintone is a bit too tan for it >o<

  4. Thank you's! :)

    Shadow, I hope you get them! So far I'm very pleased at what Essence has been doing as LE series.

    Rijah, Den er mere pink end fersken, men helt klart en barbie-pink med masser af gul i... Minder mig om legetøj der har stået for længe i sollys!

    Annkiins, thank you! Usually I have the reverse problem, and trouble finding a pink suiting my paleness with a yellow hint. Hope I can find a dupe :)

  5. Gorgeous!:)
    I have a review of the eyeliners,if you're interested.:)