tirsdag den 4. januar 2011

NOTD : Color Club Revvvolution!

Hey guys! Hope you're having as great a start on the new year as I am; it's busy but it's been a good kind of busy :)

I'm on a holo craze, I think most nail polish fanatics out there got excited about Tronica from China Glaze which will be released in a few months. A few people have already got ahold of it, and I must say that I've been severely disappointed in the swatches. Almost no holo at all :( Even so, I'm hoping to try them out and find love for them anyway LOL - maybe they're not OMG substitutes but they deserve a chance to be their own pretties :)

Anyway, I decided that I needed a few more holos in my life - right now. As in, I had to check out Ebay and find a few pretties to pass time a little quicker :) I quickly decided it had to be a dark shade, and I found Revvvolution which is rather cheap. I wasn't too impressed with the bottle pics I saw, but thought it was worth a try. 
And boy, is it worth the pennies ♥ It's as close as you get to a black holographic polish!

I only used one coat - yes, one coat - and it wasn't a thick one either. The holo effect is gorgeous, it's subtle compared to some brands like NfuOh and China Glaze's OMG collection, and it's more scattered than those as well. I still love it - it's dark, it's got rainbow particles, I'm sold :)

I decided to take a picture before putting topcoat on, because I've heard rumours it takes some of the holo effect. It never has in my experience, and this one proved to be just as holo, if not even prettier (with the added shine and all), with a top coat (Seche Vite). I'll show you both pictures anyway ;)
Color Club Revvvolution - no topcoat
Color Club Revvvolution + Seche Vite topcoat
If you like dark and bold holos, and don't want to spend too much either, I can def. recommend Revvvolution. It's opaque in only ONE coat! Sure, there's holos out there with much more holo effect - but I have yet to find a dark grey / black one :) It's not my fav holo, but it's on my holo top 10 for now!

What's your favourite holo? Is there one type of holos you prefer more than another?

♥ Vettelicious

8 kommentarer:

  1. Woow, I want! It looks gorgeous and with one coat I'm taking a step forward.
    I want a credit card, so much..
    Darn my 3v card D:

    My favourite holo must be Gosh, Holographic (Cause it's the only holo I have, LOL)
    Rainbow ones are absolutely gorgeous!!

  2. har aldrig oplevet at top coat fjerner holo effekten, opi har også lavet en til formålet, som er i DS serien, tror bare ikke rigtig på det..

  3. Ann > Gosh's Holographic is amazing, and it's got a lot more holo than this one. So don't be disappointed if you end up getting this one! It's beautiful and sparkly in another way, though :)

    Sol > Kan heller ikke se hvordan den skal kunne fjerne effekten.. men aligevel støder jeg rigtig ofte på den påstand :/

  4. Oh yes, Revvvolution is to die for. Acutally I heard that the first series were more black and with stronger holo and then later on something went wrong. Also that some people have like 10 bottles of the original one in stock. People!?! Eh. Still an awesome holo, I agree!

  5. Den er godt nok lækker :D

    Af holo's så er det helt klart Nfu Oh 65 og OPI DS Original som vinder hos mig :)

  6. I just got this, and I haven't tried it yet. But it looks not-very-holo in the bottle :/ Maybe I got a bad one ):

  7. Ulmiel, that is really interesting. I'm sure mine is the less holo one, lol, but I still like it - IMO it doesn't have to be incredible holo to be beautiful (though I like those as well). :)

    Kathrin, de to må jeg prøve engang! :)

    Abby, the effect is better on the nail than in the bottle, I think. It's worth a try, right? Though if you were going for OMG kind of holo, I don't think Revvvolution will satisfy :/

  8. Iiiih den mangler jeg.. den er så flot :D