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New Year's Eve manicure - 230 reasons to wear unicorn pee on your nails!

I'm extremely excited about sharing this manicure with you! Some of you might find me crazy, and I'll be the first to admit that I am crazy, LOL. I bought a certain #230 as a christmas present for myself. I've been lusting for it ever since I saw a brilliant - and funny - post about it right HERE :) I decided it was worth the price tag, and used the rest of my hard-saved cash from the Germany trip to get it.

It's Clarins #230! I rather like it's nickname, though - Unicorn pee. Doesn't it sound a lot more exciting? LOL!

Clarins #230

It's a sheer polish, so I decided to use a dark purple as base. I have a dark creme from Depend, which I decided to use. You can see it in one of the pictures. It applies really nice, and dries to a glossy finish. 2 coats purple base, one #230. I used one coat of Seche above to prolong it's life :)

I've spend at least 30 minutes total trying to capture all the colours this little wonder has in the bottle. It acts different, depending on your lightsource - so some of these pics are inside with artificial light, some are sunlight. All colours are visible on the nail except the blue (I haven't seen it yet), unlike a holo the entire shimmer changes colour almost instantly, depending on which angle you hold your nail... It's amazing ♥

Now for the interesting part... pictures! I cut my nails shorter a few days ago, they were starting to curve a little and I don't want them to break, either. I think this is my preferred length :)
Clarins #230... How it looks most of the time
Clarins #230 - showing it's orange and yellow undertones..
Clarins #230 - showing off yellow with a slight green hue..
Clarins #230 - going green!
Clarins #230... Beautiful in all angles ♥

(I forgot to wrap the tips! argh!)
One might ask me, if it was worth the pricetag... I'd still buy it, having tried it and everything! Needless to say, I am not disappointed :)
♥ Vettelicious

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  1. OMG! Now this is gorgeous. Simply gorgeous. No words. BTW: lol on the unicorn pee! xD I laughed my head off reading pretty random, thanks for the link.:D

  2. I first saw the name and was like "What?" but thats a really gorgeous color indeed

  3. Thanks girls! :D

    Ulmiel, that post was too brilliant not to share! :)

  4. Wow, tis be gorgeous *-*
    Me wants xD

  5. Ohmygosh I'm sooo jealous at you! This is probably one of the most beautiful polishes ever made! <33

  6. Thank you so muchness! :) It really is amazing, like a rainbow caught on bottle! Thanks for watching me as well, Lois! <3

    Silly me just realised I didn't include a pic of the Depend I used... Oh well. You get the picture :)

  7. Den er altså lækker :D Så har man da ik noget mod enhjørningstis :PPP