torsdag den 6. januar 2011

Barry M - Mint Green

Just a quick swatch for you today :)

I purchased Barry M's Mint Green a while ago while ASOS had a beauty sale, I just haven't got around to try it before now. In general, I'm not too impressed with Barry M - their polishes lack density/are too sheer for cremes. Mint Green is a pretty colour, though, a tad streaky which a top coat will take care of. I'd say it lies pretty close to other mints such as MACs Peppermint Patti, and it certainly is cheaper. It also survived fine, no chip or wear and I wore it for 2 days. Maybe it's just me being hard on it regarding the consistency, I just hate using thick coats, and only jellies can make me use more than 2 ;) I'm a spoiled little brat, aren't I?

One coat NailTek base, two thick coats Mint Green and one coat Seche Vite. If you use thin coats, three coats of Mint Green might be needed for full opacity.

Barry M Mint Green - 2 coats + topcoat
I hope you all will have a fantastic Friday! Yay for weekend :D

♥ Vettelicious

6 kommentarer:

  1. ooh! how pretty! i always hear good things bout this polish.. :)

  2. I've been meaning to get this over some time but haven't really "pushed" myself to get it.
    I, on the other-hand, looove Barry M! xD
    The pale colors are quite sheer (3 coaters) However the dull ones are probably 2 coats, with that occasional one coater *-*
    I do find this one very pretty though :'D

  3. Jeg købte den lige omkring da der var en frygtelig Jade hype der i 2009 vist, og må sige den skuffede mig :( Synes den er så kedelig mat i det hvis du forstår hva jeg mener :)

  4. Katrina, I really dig the colour, and it's workable! :)

    Ann, if you love BarryM, you won't be disappointed in this one! Maybe I should try a few more before judging the brand ;)

    Rijah, mat som i farven eller selve lakkens glans? Jeg synes den har en rigtig sød mintgrøn.. men den er måske lidt støvet ;)

  5. Naah nok mere mat som i kedelig :P

  6. The other Barry M's I've tried are better than this one. For some reason this one has a disappointing formula :/