tirsdag den 25. januar 2011

Nfu Oh # 52

Today I have a beautiful flakie polish to show you - Nfu Oh #52.

Nfu Oh #52
I bought this polish used since I already have #56 and I thought it'd be too close to be worth having both, but jumped the opportunity when I could get it for less than retail. When it arrived I could see there was a major difference, and I'm super excited to have both now :) And won't you know it; I'm already looking at getting a few more, I blame the beautiful bottle design and the major difference I was oblivious to before!

While #56 is green flakies with a subtle blue-ish tinge to it, #52 is equal part blue and green, depending on how light catches it. During the day it flashes both colours, as it gets darker the green becomes more dominant (as the light gets more yellow toned).

I decided to try layering it over black, since I didn't know whether to take a blue or green base colour. I think a blue base will make the blue more obvious and I bet a green will bring out the green.
I used Wet'n'Wild Black creme as base, which is a cheap one-coat black. It's been my go-to black base for a while, but I'm running out.. If you know of a good, one-coat black creme, LMK in the comments! :) I've been thinking of Essie Licorice, as I love it's jelly finish.

Anyways, back on flakie track lol. If you're thinking about getting a blue and or or green flakie polish from Nfu Oh I'd definitely recommend #52 and kill two birds with one stone.

Wet'n'Wild - Black Creme & Nfu Oh #52 - natural light
I used one coat of Black Creme and one coat of Nfu Oh #52. It's a relativel quick manicure, considering I often do 3-4 layers not counting base and top coat. And it looks like a million, if you ask me

I read that Nfu Oh is releasing a series of jellies, called jelly syrups. Judging from the pictures and descriptions, they are very sheer and will never build up to be opaque, but I'm still super excited and hope I will get the opportunity to try a few :) Jellies = layering fun!

♥ Vetten

9 kommentarer:

  1. Gudesmuk manicure! :) Jeg elsker Nfu Oh lakker. Det er mit all time favorit mærke.
    Jeg skal helt sikkert have nogle af jelly lakkerne.

    - Maja

  2. Tusind tak Maja :) Ja, Nfu Oh lakker er super lækre - de redder enhver manicure eller kedelig cremelak :)

    Lalica, thank you so much, also for following! And welcome to my blog :)

  3. daaaaaaang. that is beautiful! i really need to get some nfu oh's!!~

  4. Den er flot :D Og er vild med dit nye design :)

  5. This is a perfect combination that is making me consider buying this. Awesome! For some odd reason I never got hooked up on Nfu-oh (I also don't like their bottle shape ;)), so maybe this one would be a good start. :) Looks awesome on you! And about the black base ... I'm loving Catrice Back on Black, but it has a pretty strong shimmer in it, I don't know if you mind this.

  6. Thanks so much everyone! :)

    Ulmiel, If you're still sceptic about Nfu Oh after trying this colour, there's no way you're going to get hooked, so I'd say it's a good start :) At first I found the bottles impractical, but the detail whore in me won - and I adore them now. I even enjoy making extra room in my display cabinet for them! I only have 3, but hopefully I'll be able to get my hands on a few more soon <3
    I have Catrice's Black on Black, and it's lovely, but I need a solid black as well :) Thanks anyway!