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My top 5 polishes from 2010! *Tag*

The sweet Annkiins'♥ tagged me - so I'll be sharing my top 5 nail polishes from 2010 with you! :)

I've only been collecting/using polish the fanatic way (LOL) since August so it was easy choosing some I have got this year, but I decided to only choose between those that were released in 2010. It made it easier for me, but it was still hard to exclude some from this list!

First up, #5 on the list ~ Orly's Galaxy Girl!

Orly Galaxy Girl - click HERE to see the original post :)

I chose Galaxy Girl because Orly's Cosmic Collection was a major hit - not only for me, I'm sure ;) Galaxy Girl is my favourite - it's what I be looking for in a vampy duochrome, with it's almost blood-looking base. Even though there are dupes, it's such an unique polish, IMO - the colour in general - unlike most nail polish out there. It's bling in a new, fun way ♥

Let's take a look at #4 ~ NARS - Zulu!

NARS Zulu - click HERE to see the original post :)

I'm super excited my nail polish obsession started this summer, so I could get this gorgeous colour before it goes out of production again! ♥ A dark green jelly, almost black - and a super formula. I was lemming this colour so bad for a month or two before buying it - and I haven't regretted it one bit!

Up next is #3, this pretty ~ Lippmanns Across The Universe!

Lippmann - Across The Universe - click HERE to see the original post :)

I'm not shy of admitting that I am a glitterholic. I can't get enough flashy polishes! Across the Universe, along with Happy Birthday and Lippmanns other beautiful glitters, are so unique and made of amazing quality - it's like wearing diamonds in a jelly base ♥ The colour really speaks for itself, I think, so I'll leave it at that :)

Let's move on to #2 ~ Alessandro Magnetic Nail Polish!

Alessandro Magnetic Nail Polish - Click HERE to see the original post :)

Magnetic polishes are fickle to work with - but it really pays off. I chose to include the Magnetic polish I bought in Germany on this list, because it is one of the most unique polishes in my collection - the effect isn't too widely used in the polish industry, which is a shame IMO! Even though this polish is expensive, it's worth all your greens... It's one of the few polishes I didn't want to remove, even after 3 or 4 days and a chip.

And finally.... *drumroll* My favorite polish from 2010!

OPI Mad As A Hatter!

OPI Mad As A Hatter - click HERE to see the original post :)

Mad As A Hatter is the most wearable funky glitter I've found. It's full of colours, and very sparkly, but it still has that unity, I think it's called - it looks perfect with a dark grey outfit. I chose MAAH as my number 1 for 2010, because it was the first polish I wanted so bad I couldn't stop looking for it, despite the price tag (I bought it on ebay during Fall - and the price was double the original when it was released in Spring). It's also the polish that made me go glitter crazy - and started my lust for Lippmanns polishes along with other more expensive polishes. Even though I have glitters I'll be wearing more - this is a very unique polish that deserves credit for starting the glitter caze (and I don't think I'm the only one who was bitten - take a look at the glitterfied Burlesque collection!)

*phew* There it is, my top 5 picks. :) I've left out some amazing polishes, I think deserve to be mentioned: Catrice's Run Forest Run! + Sold Out Forever, GOSH Gypsy Blue, Chanel Paradoxal, China Glaze Party Hearty, OPI's Absolutely Alice, and the list goes on ♥

I choose to tag YOU! ~ RijaH, Kathain, Solensdanserinde, Ulmiel & Ali's Nail News! Looking forward to see your picks! :)

♥ Vettelicious

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  1. glitterholic, yay!! i really like Across the universe, very pretty! and im still hunting Mad as a hatter.

  2. Fantastisk top 5 :D Må ha fat i Mad as a hatter på et tidspunkt.

  3. Thanks for the tag, I hope I'll post it today. :D

  4. I'm glad you like my choices! :) Can't wait to see your top 5, Ulmiel - håber også du får smidt en op, Katrin :) Og ja, Maah er bare så speciel. Håber der bliver udgivet noget lignende snart :)

  5. Great choices!
    I totally agree with the Lippman, gosh, her glitters are absolutely stunning ( And a pain to remove.. )
    Zulu reminds me of the dark green Back to Paradise in the Essence collection :O
    (Tad bit darker)

  6. Ooh, I haven't seen that one, AnnKiins - darned be that Denmark doesn't sell Essence!
    Yup, all glitters are a pain once you want them gone - but with the foil method it's manageable. :)

  7. Wonderful top five! :-) Love them all....Especially the Alessandro Magnetic Nail Polish. That's awesome! Thanks for the tag. I did mine, but I did my top 20! LOL! I couldn't pick!

  8. Great list!!! I have and love Galaxy Girl along with the rest of the Cosmic FX collections. I am SUPER envious of your top 3!!! I hadn't even heard of magnetic polish until that post (I'm still blown away!) and Across the Universe and Mad As a Hatter are at the top of my MUST HAVE list!!

    I LOVE your blog and your taste in polish!! You should check out my fledgling blog...myownkindofgirly!

  9. I literally popped out of bed last night and told my husband, "Oh my gosh, I saw the coolest thing today.......magnetic nail polish"...I'm even dreaming about it....I think I have the sickness LOL