søndag den 26. december 2010

P2 Crackle Polish : Silver Blast

Today I want to show you a crackle polish - I'm looking so much forward to China Glaze's versions, lots of different colours = win ♥ When I was in Germany I found a silver crackle polish, called "Silver Blast" and I had to pick it up. It cost less than 2 €, that's cheap!

P2 Crackling top coat - Silver Blast - second from the left
I decided to try it on top on Essence "Must Have" - you can see it here:

Essence "Must Have - second from the left

Here's the result!

Essence "Must Have" and P2 Silver Blast

Essence "Must Have" and P2 Silver Blast

I used one coat of Must Have, but I should've used two - there's bald spots, they became very obvious by the flash : / I love the colour though.
The P2 crackle I wouldn't recommend unless you like thick and droopy polish. Plus it cracked in an annoying way so I had to go back and cover the biggest baldest patches. 

♥ Vettelicious

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  1. Hvis den havde været nemmere at styre, havde den været rigtig fin - men den er sgu lidt bøvlet! Tak for kommentarerne :)

  2. I seen the Catrice one today in town, so tempted to buy it but I was running low in cash, I'll see how it looks on your nails before I make my decision next time x3
    If the first one on the left in the Essence Must Have collection is Purple Diamond, lucky you!
    I loooooove that color so, so much~
    Awwwh don't worrry about the bald patches, it still looks good with or without~

  3. Thank you so much! ^__^
    Catrice have made a crackle polish?! I didn't even know that! I wish I lived in Germany LOL.
    That is Purple Diamond, great spotting! I'm looking forward to try it out :)