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INK by Dennis Knudsen #12 Petrol

I was checking out sales during the last Open by Night in the town I live in a week ago. Open by Night is a night where shops stay open until 11 or so, usually having a lot of special offers and sales. This time it was a bit "meh", nothing too exciting was on sale, so I decided to splurge on a nail polish I've had a secret crush on in Matas. I have previously purchased a polish from H&M called Moody Model, as I thought they were identical - but I decided I couldn't live without "the real deal" - the one I initially fell for.

The polish is called #12 Petrol and is a limited edition polish of the INK collection by Dennis Knudsen. I'm no make-up brand whore, in fact I use very little make-up besides nail polish and eyeliner. I haven't tried any products from the DK range, but I liked the design (it's simple, black and white - it's like a danish, small brand version of Illamasqua and NARS).

INK by Dennis Knudsen - #12 Petrol

It's a very dark teal colour, or as you would refer to it, petrol. This colour in all it's shades is one of my favourite nail polish colours - I can't get enough of it. It's that perfect dark shade of blue with a hint of green ♥

Price wise, the bottle compares to Illamasqua - but is more expensive per ml. 
8 ml INK costs the equivalent of  14,75 €,
15 ml Illmasqua costs 15,30 €
It doesn't take too many brain cells to figure out which is cheaper. For what it's worth, INK is 3-Free and free of perfumes and parabens (which means a lot to me. I try to steer clear of polishes not 3-Free, though some containing toluene slips through my net).

Is INK worth the price? I had to try it to find out!

I used my regular basecoat, NailTek II and applied two coats of Petrol. It has a wonderful formula, was very easy to control and second layer smoothed it out perfectly. It had an average to good drying time, and there was no bubbles. It has a consistency somewhat similar to jellies - it's liquid, super shiny but at the same time very covering. Kind of like the base of Lippmanns Across the Universe - it looks like a jelly but applies like a creme. I LOVE jellies and jelly-cremes ♥ And a jelly-creme that only needs two coats is a winner in my book. It does stain, so be sure to use a good base and apply it as neatly as possible. My cuticles sure wish I knew this beforehand, LOL.
I compared Petrol to Moody Model, and they are not a match. If you'd like to see this compared to other teals, LMK and I'll do a comparison!
I decided to spice it up with a little stamping and dotting, for this I used my fav blue holo - DV8 from China Glaze's OMG collection.Topped it off with one coat of Seche Vite to protect the stamps.

DV8 ~ CG's OMG collection

I forgot to take pics before stamping, d'oh! I hope it gives you a good idea of Petrol anyway - if you like teal colours and don't mind the price, Petrol is amazing. I would spend the money again if I had to, and have been thinking about getting a spare bottle eventually.

INK - Petrol + CG - DV8 + Konad stamp and dotting tool

INK - Petrol + CG - DV8 + Konad stamp and dotting tool

INK - Petrol + CG - DV8 + Konad stamp and dotting tool

I can't say if all INK polishes are as great as I found this, but I'm curious to find out - if only my wallet allowed me! Have you tried some?

~ Vettelicious

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  1. Hvor ser det bare godt ud. Den der China Glaze må jeg have fingrene i på et tidspunkt og det samme med Konad. Rigtig fint lavet :)

  2. This looks awesome! I never thought about stamping with a holographic polish!

  3. Kathrin Tusind tak! Kan helt klart anbefale Konad, men hvis du vil have et billigere sæt at starte med, kan du finde en masse billige sæt med op til 12 plader og et stempel + skraber for meget billige penge på ebay. Og somme tider får man rigtig fede mønstre man ikke havde brugt ellers ;)

    Rachel > Thank you! Most holographic polishes are great for stamping - it leaves a bold print and a kick-ass effect :)

  4. Har købt et sæt på e-bay nu med skraper, stempel, en farve og 5 plader :D

  5. Nice! Glæder mig til at se det :D