mandag den 15. november 2010

NOTD ~ Galaxy Girl

I received a few packages from Ebay today, and one of them were Orly's Galaxy Girl. Ever since I got the three MAC's Venomous Villain nail polishes, I've wanted a spare of my favourite, Formidable!, and Orly's version is much cheaper and easier to get ahold of so I decided to buy that one. Comparing the two bottles, the glitter specks looks a little more rough in Formidable, but I've seen comparisons of the two and they are close enough to be dupes. I know you've seen this colour a million times, but I can't help but show it off since I want to wear it! :)

Since there's a bit of a collector hidden in me, I also decided to wait with trying this amazing colour until I had the cheaper version - then I can save MACs for a special occasion. I know, nuts :)

I used Orly's Cuticle & Stain remover to prep my nails, then 1 coat of NailTek II base, 2 coats of Galaxy Girl and 1 coat of Seche Vite as topcoat. If you want to be sure to eliminate all bald spots in all knds of light, I'd suggest 3 coats of Galaxy Girl. It's my first Orly polish, and I'm not too crazy about the formula. Very thin and I prefer a thicker, more steady brush like OPI's when applying. Especially thin polishes. Ergo there was a bit of clean up to do afterwards.

Orly Galaxy Girl - warm light

Orly Galaxy Girl - cold light

Orly Galaxy Girl - cold light

In warm light the colour looks warmer/more red, and in cold, dull light it looks more blue. Gorgeous in all aspects, if you ask me :)

~ Vettelicious

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  1. den er rigtig flot, tror da vist aldrig jeg har set sammenligningen af de 2, ellers kan jeg bare ikke huske det.
    Og super tillykke med de 15 læsere :-)

  2. Tusind tak! :) Jep, det er en rigtig dejlig farve - ville ønske jeg kunne tage bedre billeder, men ak, lys mangler jeg. Her er linket til en super sammenligning af begge dupes fra MACs collection:

  3. wow tak for linket, de ligner virkelig meget hinanden.

  4. Yep, de ligger virkelig tæt op af hinanden :)