torsdag den 28. oktober 2010

Across The Universe

Yesterday I checked out H&M on my way home from work to see if they had gotten new nail polishes. They had! I bought 5 or so, and one of them is the base for today's manicure :)

It's a dark teal creme called Moody Model, a very shiny, almost jelly-ish polish - and wearing it, I realised what all the NARS Zulu fuss was all about. I love this type of nail polish! Even though it's "just" a creme, I couldn't stop looking at it (and I have been wearing OPI Mad as a Hatter for a week so it was hard to top LOL). This colour is hard to catch on pics so I will leave you with a no-flash and a flashed pic. The colour is something in between the two IRL.

H&M Moody Model - I'm sorry it's so blurry! No flash

H&M Moody Model - flash

In my humble opinion, H&M isn't exactly cheap polish - in Denmark this line costs about 8$, so I have pretty high expectations to the polish. Moody Model didn't disappoint one bit! I've wanted a perfect dark teal for a while and this one is right up my alley! :) I'm wearing two coats on the pictures.

Now, after having worn Moody Model for a day, I went to check it with my glitters to see if it would be a good base for any of them. To my luck Lippmanns Across The Universe looked pretty beside it, so I took the chance! I needed a little special polish today to lighten my mood anyway.

Across The Universe - bottle pic
Here is the result! 2 coats Moody Model and 1 coat Across The Universe. One top coat for an almost smooth finish.

Moody Model + Across The Universe

Moody Model + Across The Universe

Moody Model + Across The Universe
I love it! Not nearly as deep as Across The Universe is on it's own, but still very beautiful. And one bottle will last a lot longer if you use it as a top coat only every once in a while ;)

~ Vettelicious

7 kommentarer:

  1. Very nice!
    Where did you get deporan lippmann?

  2. Hey! :) I have a friend in the US who bought it on my behalf! You can purchase them directly from the Deborah Lippmann store online :)

  3. Thank you:)
    The bottle looks very nice!

  4. how come my H&M stores dont sell nail polish -__-

    but i loooove the combo of the two polishes! totally gorgeous ^^

  5. Katrina > Thank you! Aww, that's a shame! Mine keeps restocking with old polishes (such as this Moody Model.. I'm pretty sure it's old news but not to me LOL. That's how it is living in a small-ish town).

  6. Ser virkelig flot ud :D og passer godt sammen :)