mandag den 13. december 2010

Back from Germany = suitcase full of polish goodies + NOTD

I spent the weekend in Bremen with my mom and dad, visiting my brother who lives there. It was a really fun and busy weekend! I'll spare you for the family part and tell you about the nail goodies I came home with ;)

I spent a LOT of time in all kinds of stores, looking through some of my favourite cheap brands like Catrice, Essence, P2 and decided to check out a few more expensive brands as well. I'm of the opinion that just because it's cheap it isn't crap, and vice versa - expensive, high-street stuff doesn't have to be amazing. And from experience I love the brand Catrice - great brush, cute bottles (if only the lids were a bit more firm they' be perfect), amazing colours, quick drying time, great opacity and... you get the point. ;) I was truly in nail polish heaven.

To my excitement I found one of the new colours Catrice decided to include in their main line (and I grabbed the last bottle in the store, it was meant to be I'm sure!) - a beautiful dark green called Run Forest Run! Not only do I love the colour but also the name. Last night I had an hour to spare, so I decided to pamper my nails with a new manicure and give them an extra thorough cleaning with Orly Cutique (which I use before every manicure for stain removing and cuticle-management LOL).

Catrice - Run Forest Run!

I love dark green in almost all shades - this one is one of my favorites now! It's up there on my fav list with Zulu ♥

I used two coats, but one thick would do the job I think - it has the most wonderful formula as Catrice cremes tends to have.

As for comparison, I don't have a match for it - it's darker than OPI's Jade is the new Black but lighter than Orly - Enchanted Forest (at least in the bottle. Haven't tried this one yet). It's very much a creme and darker than my pictures show - I used the flash.

I also bought a silver ring at the christmas market in Bremen, and decided I'd take a picture of it. I'll be making a design eventually inspired by it ♥ Frogs reminds me of my granddad and a happy childhood ♥♥♥

~ Vettelicious

4 kommentarer:

  1. Synes dine negle har fået en rigtig pæn form, og hvor ser dine neglebånd også bare ud til at de har det godt :)

  2. I love this green! And your mani looks very clean and lovely. :)

  3. Ja må da se mig helt enig med frk. soldanser ;) De ser virkelig flotte og velplejede ud :D

  4. Tusind tak! Var nødt til at klippe dem da jeg flækkede et par stykker, og må indrømme at jeg blev ret så tilfreds bagefter. Tror jeg vil gå efter den her længde fremover :) Det er altid rart at høre andre sige det samme :D
    Ang. pleje så tog jeg jo imod de gode råd jeg blev givet - og det har virkelig givet pote :) Så det kan jeg også takke jer for!
    Rachel > Thank you! I am a bit of a perfectionist so I'm glad you think it looks clean :)