tirsdag den 19. oktober 2010

Give-away when I hit 25 followers!

I really appreciate those who follow my blog, a big thank you for reading my posts, watching my manicures, and for your comments ♥ That is why I have decided I will make a give-away when I hit 50 25 followers! (if I reach 50 followers within the timeframe of the give-away, I have a very neat 2nd prize ready).

It wouldn't be much of a post without showing you the prizes I've found so far, would it? ;)
I want to share one of my favourite polishes of all time - which is also the one that got me to admit that polishing my nails were more than just a regular habit, LOL! That nail polish also happens to be a gorgeous flake polish - and said to be much like Nfu-Oh's famous polishes!

GOSH Rainbow! And along with it, I stumbled upon a black effect polish, which is not being sold in the stores anymore. They make a cute couple, I think ♥

GOSH Bright Passion and Rainbow
Here's swatches over blank and black bases ~

GOSH Bright Passion and Rainbow

I might add more prizes along the way!

That's all for now!
~ Vettelicious

3 kommentarer:

  1. They both look really great, I hope you reach your goal soon! =)

  2. ooh! both are such pretty polishes :D

  3. Thank you Serena! :) I'm really just looking for an opportunity to share these awsome laquers, LOL!