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Swatch Party #1: Untried Gosh Lacquers

Gosh polishes were on sale recently - buy one get one free! I, of course, had to take advantage of the offer LOL. I realised I have so many Gosh polishes that I haven't even tried - most of them from previous sales. So, I decided to pull out a few and swatch!

From left to right: Lavender Love (LE), Flamingo, Pink Lady(DC) & Yellow Doll (LE).

Let's start with Lavender Love, a new colour released for Spring 2011. How this got onto the regular sales display already, I have no idea (neither did the sales staff), but I'm thrilled it did! It's a gorgeous periwinkle blue / purple - in my pictures it's way too blue, but it's impossible to picture correctly.

I used 1-1½ coat - that's right, it's a one coater if you're careful while applying (and undoubtedly if you have shorter nails)! Way to go, Gosh, the world needs more one coaters! This is the second colour I try from this collection, and both have been one coat, gorgeous looking wonders!

Gosh LE Lavender Love

Up next is Flamingo, a gorgeous soft pink. It's been a part of the regular collection for quite some time but it wasn't until this sale I decided to get it. I was afraid it would be very sheer, but I was so wrong! I want to say it's a jelly, because it really feels like one - but at the same time it's nearly opaque in two coats, so maybe it's a jelly creme? Regardless, I love it! It fits my skintone perfectly, and it feels like wearing jelly on your nails. A very pleasant surprise!

Wearing two coats in this picture. I couldn't really capture the jellyness, but trust me... It's worth a try if you want pink without the heavy feel most pink gives you!

Gosh Flamingo

Next is a dark reddish pink with purple shimmer - Pink Lady. I got this a while ago in a sale, I'm pretty sure it was reduced because it is discontinued. Let me be honest, I didn't think I would like this shade at all, because it has a red undertone and it's a dark pink... But I was wrong. I love it! It looks so incredible in the sun and once again, perfect formula. 

I used two coats and it was a dream to apply (in my opinion, shimmers are hard to find with a decent formula compared to cremes - or maybe I've just had bad luck).

Gosh Pink Lady

Now, this one deserves a picture taken outside as well! See how it becomes almost coral? If I ever find an extra bottle of this, I will be a happy camper!

Gosh Pink Lady - outside, direct sun

Last is my little problem child.. LOL! I guess not all could be perfect ;) Yellow doll was part of the 2010 Fall collection, 3 pastels that I'd rather believe is best suited for Spring. Yellow doll looks like a cool/cold yellow in the bottle, but my warmer looking fingers makes it look like a warm pastel yellow. It took me 3 coats to cover up my nail line to the fact that I would wear it, but it was still visible in some kinds of light. 

At least it's not a chalky, thick pastel ;) It is, however, a yellow creme I could see myself wearing - it doesn't turn my fingers into lobstery coloured monsters, lol. Yellow is just not a colour I wear that much.

Gosh - LE Yellow Doll
That's all I have for you today... What do you think about the lacquers? Which is your favourite of the four I've showed you?

Most important of all: would you like posts like this in the future? Granted, it's not going to be swatches of the newest collections - first of all, I can't compete (nor do I want) with all the amazing lacquerheads out there showing us the newest trends, I don't get my hands on them until they've been out for a while anyway, LOL!, and second of all, I don't buy complete collections unless they all appeal to me (which is rare with collections consisting of 6 or more). It would be random untrieds from my stash instead, some still available, some not. Let me know in the comments! :)

I admit I had quite a lot of fun with these, especially with two of them being much better than I thought! Trying colours for fun will help me use them in the future ;)

♥ Vetten

14 kommentarer:

  1. Love them all!!! I need to get those!

  2. Mums, den gule er super nice. Tror faktisk jeg har den et sted :D

    Ved du hvor længe de har tilbud? Må da lige forbi min matas, hvor de nu også har fået Essie (dog til overpris :()


  3. Lavender Love looks very good.

  4. These polishes are super pretty! I love how bright they are, they put me in a good mood :)

  5. De er alle sammen skønne! Virkelig flotte forårslakker!
    Jeg er især vild med Flamingo (wow!) og Yellow Doll. Skønne unikke farver. Og de klæder din hudfarve godt :D
    Men de to andre er også virkelig flotte! ;D

  6. Oh, how I love your nails! I love this pinky-red with blue shimmer best, altough I'm not much of a fan of red polishes, this one is special

  7. Iih nu har du fået mig til at crave flere GOSH lakker :P
    Kan rigtig godt lide den måde du har gjort det på med at flashe en hel serie af dem du ikke har fået vist os endnu så fortsæt endelig med det :D Hos mig har det ikke nogen betydning om det er de nye kollektioner, for dem ser man alligevel alle andre steder :)

  8. i love the lavender its so pretty :)

    shel xx

  9. Lavender one is to die for!

  10. Sure, your untrieds might be my untrieds too, so swatch away. They don't have to be new or the whole collection to be enjoyable :)

  11. Very nice colors! i have also flamingo and i love it!

  12. Thanks for your comments, girls! I'm glad this was a success, I will enjoy doing swatch parties in the future! :)

    Sussi, tilbuddet sluttede for en uge eller to siden - det varede kun en uge desværre :/ Jeg stalker altid deres reklamer, en anden gang kan jeg da lige smide et hint op på bloggen før det er for sent :)

    Halifax, that is so true! I never saw it that way :) Thank you!

  13. Jeg elsker Lavender Love! <3 Håber snart min Matas får den!! :P Og du må meget gerne lave flere af de her "Swatch Party" posts :)

  14. Ooh, Lavendar love reminds me of the periwinkle color I was wearing recently. I love the yellow as well!