tirsdag den 5. april 2011

Gosh - New Age

Today I have an old discontinued colour to show you. I'm sure a lot of us looks for polishes on sale at any time possible. While visiting my local Matas (drugstore) a little while back, I decided to look for discontinued Gosh polishes which are sold at half price. It's almost always the same boring polishes, but every once in a while a new old polish find it's way to the bin in some magic way, lol.

This time I got lucky and found a grubby bottle in their old design. It's called New Age and is a dark green shimmer/pearl polish - even though I don't like pearl finish at all, I decided to give it a chance at half the original price ;) I took it home, cleaned the bottle with acetone (it was full of old, sticky makeup, yuck!) and it ended up looking rather good!

I suspected it to be very sheer (the brush being visible even dripping with polish), so I used a green creme as base for my manicure. I decided to use Don't Mess With Opi, a green creme from the Texas collection earlier this year. One coat was sufficient enough to cover my nails although I would use two if I was going for a manicure with this polish (don't mess, that is) on its own.

I then added a coat of New Age, and even though I believe I skipped the top coat for these pictures, I used it later on to protect the manicure. It was slow drying, lol. Also, I should mention  it was a bit brush-stroke-y, and I realised I should've used another coat of New Age as it showed bald spots in some types of light.

I ended up choosing two pictures to show you - one in my lightbox, showing how it looks like most of the time, and one in sunlight to show you how it comes alive with a few rays of sun. :)


Gosh - New Age - lightbox


Gosh - New Age - sunlight
 Do you like it? I think it's pretty neat for an old polish - I don't know exactly how old, but I'd guess at least 3 years or so. I wish I knew when Gosh changed into the new bottles... These are easier to use because of the handles (and they look bigger! lol). When did you last find something old but still neat on a polish hunt? :)


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  1. woo, i didnt know thats how the old gosh bottle looks like! gorgeous color!

  2. This totally looks like OPI Here Today Aragon Tomorrow suede+TC! Very pretty :).

  3. I've never seen the old GOSH bottle--very interesting! This is a great green!

  4. Glad you like it :) Thank you very much for your comments!