fredag den 29. april 2011

China Glaze : Papaya Punch

Today I have something really funky to show you. I believe this is the first time - ever - I've worn bright orange nail lacquer. It's quite a big thing for me, can't you tell? :) If you notice my nails are a bit shorter, it's because I filed my nails due to a break. I must admit I love this length! So much easier to handle and paint ♥

Papaya Punch
Island Escape is a new collection from China Glaze for Spring 2011. When the first promo pictures were shown, I was, quite frankly, not excited. I was expecting all polishes to be sheer, and the only positive thing I could find was that I could skip it and focus on other wants. 

That was until I saw the first swatches... I fell in love with Papaya Punch, a bright orange borderline to neon. I must admit that my initial neon craze last year came to an end when I got a pink neon - I was satisfied and went onto other obsessions. I'm getting slightly obsessed with them again, so I allowed myself to invest in a few fun colours for Spring/Summer, and of course, Papaya Punch was the first to be bought :)

I know Papaya Punch is not a neon, but in my world it might as well be. I feel its colour is too bright for a creme, so I shall call it a creme with neon tendencies. It does dry with a gloss, though!

The best thing about Papaya Punch is the coverage. Two medium to thick coats and you're done... China Glaze deserves a huge applause for this ♥

China Glaze Papaya Punch - flash

I'm wearing NailTek II, two coats of Papaya Punch and Fast Forward. This manicure is a total win in my book... I can't stop staring at my nails. I hope it'll be the first of many oranges in my collection! 

I know the general craze is about yellow this year, but if you ask me, it's all about orange. I might as well enjoy it and use the opportunity to buy a few more for Summer mani/pedis ;) What's your opinion on orange - and yellow for that matter?

♥ Vetten

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  1. Nam nam den er lækker :D Klæder dig rigtig godt.

  2. Gorgeous ! I need this one. I love orange polish but I don't really have a plain orange in my stash. Seems like it's about time to go shopping !

  3. Wow, looks lovely for Summer :D
    In all honesty I never knew of the yellow trend, I thought it was the nude trend atm >.<
    Don't you think orange is a Halloween kund of color? c:

  4. Rigtig lækker farve. Virkelig. Jeg er også klart mere til orange end til de gule farver. Købte Essies Vermillionaire for nyligt og glæder mig til at teste den :)

  5. Pretty :D Kan helt sikkert også godt lide orange, men egentlig også gul :)

  6. Hehe, dear, we're totally on the same page. For me it's all about orange this year too. I need this one so badly!! I wasn't loving the promo pics either, but swatches really got to me, Blue Iguana, 108 degrees and Papaya Punch are awesome. Interestingly enough, the green one is not that appealing to me, go figure! You rock this orange, looks awesome on you!
    And about yellow? Well ... I have one yellow now at home, that I'm really considering wearing, and that's a first! We'll see how it goes on my nails. ;) I'm really starting to love orange, maybe yellow will grow on me too. :D

  7. I like this but don't know if I'd wear it myself. I'm actually wearing yellow today (pictures will be up tomorrow!) but I don't think I'm a fan. Undecided!
    What do you think of Fast Forward?

  8. Great pictures, makes me want to try Papaya Punch, it's been sitting in my untrieds with the other ones I got from that collection.

  9. Wow...crazy colour, but I love it.

  10. Forget the colour - your cuticles look incredible!!!! wow!

    ok, back to the colour - I usually steer away from oranges, however this shade looks very yummy!

  11. Den er rigtig flot. :) Jeg kan faktisk rigtig godt lide både orange og gule lakker! :)

  12. Thank you so much for all your comments! I've rocked this colour for three days now and I am having a hard time parting with it, LOL! It's such a funky twist to my boring clothes!

    Annkiins, usually I'd agree, but in the summer, I don't really think it's the case. It's usually orange compared with black that makes me think of Halloween ;)

    Ulmiel, I feel the same way about the green one! I have yet to warm up to the other colours, though ;) I think it's just a matter of time!

    Laura, I've tried Seche Vite and Fast Forward, and FF is definitely my preferred topcoat. It's less toxic, and does the job so great - my manicures are dry (though not dent safe) after 10 minutes.

    Helena, you should definitely give it a go! It's such an in-your-face colour :)

    Hayley, aw, thank you! My cuticles have been behaving well for the past weeks.

  13. i love this its really pretty for a bright orange lol

    shel xx