onsdag den 27. april 2011

Nfu Oh #62 + China Glaze Visit Me In Prism

Easter has been amazing here, the weather has been warm, sunny and we've had lots of small barbecues, super yummy!

Nfu Oh #62, sunlight
As for most of nail polish fanatics, a sunny day calls for something sparkly in my stash... Since I still have holos I haven't tried yet, I decided to try one; my very first holo from Nfu Oh - #62. It's a nude/champagne holo with a strong pink tone, very warm and flattering if a silver holo like Gosh Holographic makes your fingers go lobstery.

I tried it using two base coats; NailTek II Foundation and Gosh Fix Base Coat... and the difference was enormous. 

Applied on NailTek II, it was a nightmare I've never tried before - bald patches, pulls, you name it. It took me three coats and as few strokes as humanly possible for it to look decent.

On Fix Base Coat, however, it behaved a lot better. Two coats was enough, and I could be a bit sloppier as usual applying them, LOL! Promise me you'll invest in this basecoat or Nfu Oh's Aqua Base Coat if you try these super dense holos - it'll save you layers, trouble and annoyance! I can't emphasize this enough ;)

Here's a few pictures of #62 shining in the sun;

Nfu Oh #62, sunlight

Even though it's amazing, it's kind of dull inside. The nude colour make my nails look invisible, lol. Not so fond of these super-fine-particle-holos for everyday use :/ I spend too much time inside.

I decided to knock it up a notch with another similar holo, China Glaze's much coveted Visit Me In Prism. This polish was a total lemming for me, it's my ultimate favourite from the Kaleidoscope collection. A big plus in these are that their rough particles rocks inside too! :) I used one coat on top of #62. It's a shame I forgot to take pictures outside of this combo, it looks less phony/grainy IRL. My flash is trying to kill it, lol.

Nfu Oh #62 + Visit Me In Prism, indoors, flash

I'd better show the ring I made as well;

I love the combo!! Visit Me In Prism is quite sheer on its own I believe, so this huge bottle of Nfu Oh serves well as base, lol! Don't feel sorry for #62, it'll get the love it deserves on days I need something neutral for a day outside ;)

♥ Vetten

10 kommentarer:

  1. Blinded as usually by its beauty! ;)

  2. OMG, that's a lot of holo. Det er helt vildt flot!
    Jeg må simpelthen investere i nogen Nfu oh holoer. De er så flotte :O
    Dine negle er godt nok blevet flotte og lange :]

  3. Thanks girls :)

    Coewless, tusind tak! Har altid været fascineret af dine negle, især længden - dine er sådan helt naturligt lange, hvis det giver mening - altså inden den hvide tip <3 Jeg må snyde lidt og gro tippen længere for at opnå samme effekt, haha! Jeg har været heldig på det seneste med længden - indtil igår, hvor jeg var uopmærksom og smadrede en finger ind i et dørhåndtag. Så idag er de blevet lidt kortere ;) Mine negle er ellers blevet vildt stærke - tror det er kombinationen af NailTek II og Fast Forward jeg bruger. :)

  4. These are amazing on you! Have you done a post on nail care? if not- I would love to see one!!

  5. Wow! "Visit Me In Prism" is soo beautiful!

  6. Super flotte og lækre billeder af den/dem :D

  7. i love this mani and the ring is gorgeous :)

    shel xx

  8. OMG how amazing! I have Nfu Oh 62 on right now and I can't stop staring at my nails.

    I'm really sad about the sun not showing itself though. I might have to wear this at another time when the sun is actually out.