søndag den 7. november 2010

MLP nail art design

I have some great news that I want to share - I entered a nail art contest at Neglenymfernes blog and I won! I couldn't believe it when I checked my reader and saw my pictures featured. I'm so excited!

Now that the contest is closed I want to share the design I made with you as well :) I spend a long time thinking about what theme to do, and I ended up doing a manicure inspired by my toy love - My Little Pony. 

I used Ados #547 as base (I love this polish!) and a LOT of different polishes for the design. Too many to list here, LOL. If there's a specific colour you're interested in, ask in the comments and I'll dig it out :) I used nail art pens and a nail art brush to paint the details. Topped it off with 1 coat of Seche Vite to even out the bumps and add gloss to the finish.

And without further ado, the pictures! I hope you like it! :)

My Little Pony inspired nail-art

My Little Pony inspired nail-art

My Little Pony inspired nail-art - close-up

My most detailed nail-art, but def. not the last! I love free-hand painting, the possibilities are endless!

~ Vettelicious

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