fredag den 6. maj 2011

Revlon : Electric + Catrice & Kiko yellow layering

Hey girls :) I'm having a terrible headache today so I found this in my not-sure-to-post-pile of posts, I hope it's better than nothing. Hopefully I can deal with nail polish fumes tomorrow or Sunday and make a more interesting post..

I want to show you a bit of yellow fun I had this past weekend - I try so desperately to make yellow work for me and my skintone, but so far I haven't found many. Anyhow, let's see where my weekend yellow experiment took me!

Revlon - Electric, Catrice - Don't Feed The Birds & Kiko #269

I bought Electric from Revlon on Ebay last week... I can't remember where, but I read that it was a good substitute for Chanels upcoming (it isn't released in DK yet) Mimosa. I love mimosa on every picture I see, even though it takes three coats. It's just that yellow almost never work for me, so even though I wanted to get Mimosa, I figured I should try a close colour to see if I would end up using it. Oh, and getting a cheap polish that's almost a dupe is something I love - saves me money I can use for other polishes!

Here's Revlon Electric;
Revlon - Electric

I believe I used 2 generous coats of Electric for an almost full coverage. I think the formula was pretty decent, if not great for a yellow - but be sure to let the individual coats dry before adding another - as it will bubble otherwise. Next time I'm going to use a fast-drying topcoat in between to try and eliminate this issue. I'll let you know how I get on with it :)

Now, I love the colour, formula and shimmer, but it looks better with my skintone on pictures than in real life. I wish it looked as good as in the pictures :( I would love to wear this colour on its own with confidence!

I decided to add Catrice - Don't Feed The Birds, which is a sheer yellow shimmer. I believe I used two coats, and this is the result:

Revlon - Electric + Catrice - Don't Feed The Birds

Doesn't that look yummy! I have yet to wear this to see if I get used to the colour to my skin, but I will definitely give it another chance. I adore this combo, and it has to work RL for me too! :)

Since I have yet another sheer yellow, I decided to try it on top of the other two. Kiko # 269 is a sheer stark yellow filled with glass flecks. I used one coat on the other polishes.

Revlon - Electric, Catrice - Don't Feed The Birds & Kiko #269, inside + flash

This sparkly polish deserves a sun shot too;

Revlon - Electric, Catrice - Don't Feed The Birds & Kiko #269 outside, sun

I wore the full mani (Revlon - Electric, Catrice - Don't Feed The Birds & Kiko #269) for 2 days, but I didn't warm up to it. I'm not one to disregard colours for being stark, or a big contrast to my somewhat boring black outfits, but yellow... I guess it's the one colour I'm still not in love with. I can wear orange, pink, blue, green, all kinds of strong colours... But I have yet to make yellow work. Any suggestions? How do you feel about yellow polish? What's your favourite?

♥ Vetten

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  1. Yellow is very tricky for me, but my husband loves it, so I wear it anyway sometimes.

  2. I LOVE this combination :)Its an eye-catcher!

  3. Yellow is my fav colour, but it's a hard colour to work with. I think it looks ok on me, but application sometimes is so tricky. I like this combination

  4. I have the same thing. I can wear bright blue, red or whatever and own a billion bottles of red, purple and blue, but only around 5 of yellow.