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MAC : Little Girl Type (quite cute) + Nail art

(I'm really glad I took the time to write a few blogposts this past weekend; I've been having a foul headache since Sunday!)

It's time to show a colour from one of the Spring collections I was really excited about; MACs quite cute collection! I've had these since they were released but I'm a bit funny when it comes to trying new nail polish.. I wait until they speak to me, lol. I figure the internet is drowning in swatches when they're released, what's the hurry?

MAC quite cute collection, Spring 2011
I had no choice but to buy them all. I might as well admit that I am totally biased and I absolutely love MACs nail polish bottle design. The matte lid, the shape, size... It's perfection. These are my guilty pleasure, nail polish wise. Danish retail is above 20$ each, but I'd rather pay that than 30$ for a Chanel. The brush is not that great but I can deal with a wonky brush just to gaze at these pretty bottles... Totally biased, yes. lol.

I'm not much of a make-up lover besides nail polish (I rarely wear anything but my eyeliner), so I'm not a huge MAC fan in general. I think their products are expensive, but once hooked on those bottles, I can't resist if the colours looks promising.

I was in the mood for something very pastel and girly, so I reached for Little Girl Type, the pale purple pastel (the one I so cleverly decided to lie down on the picture, lol). I almost decided to pass on this one, being that all pale purples look awful on me, but I had hopes as always ;)

I know a lot of people weren't interested in this collection because it's just cremes, very dupe-able. I haven't found a lavender like Little Girl Type though, all I see is too cold, even China Glazes Agent Lavender (have the bottle to compare), but I've yet to get Light As Air and now I don't want to, going from swatches it's too cold to like my skin tone anyway ;)

I am so, so glad I bought it. If I might say so myself, it looks stunning with my skintone ♥ It's the first pale purple I have loved so much on me! And I'll tell you why... It's very warm, leaning towards pink. I compared it bottlewise with Catrice Lavenderlicious, and the only difference is the tone - Lavenderlicious is cold, and Little Girl Type is warm. It almost look pink on me, LOL!

MAC Little Girl Type, flash
 Now, the formula is a bit thin, I used two medium-thick coats and it could've used another IRL to smooth out ridges and be more light-proof. But I didn't want it chalky, so I left it at two :) Top and base as usual.

Since I'm nudging myself to do something with my nails, I added an accent nail. I was enjoying it IRL, but looking at this picture, my inside is screaming for cleaner lines! :P

I used Essence Stamp Me! in black and white, purple rhinestones and a Catrice purple I cannot remember the name of.

The nail art is inspired by sugar skulls & the day of the dead. I love art featuring these sugary...erh, I mean cute skulls. And I found the theme quite fitting for this part of the quite cute collection :) It won't be the last time skeletons have found their way to my nails!

What's your opinion on Little Girl Type - did you buy or pass? Oh, and would you like to see more skulls or should I save them for halloween? ;)

♥ Vetten

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  1. cool, i love it :-D
    great nails btw ;-)

  2. The Little Girl Type looks so pretty! All of the polishes in that collection do, in fact! :)

  3. I love the accent nail ! (:

  4. I really had to fight the urge to get these polishes. As a collection I think it's so cute!

  5. Fun mani! I think your lines are okay. :) Those imperfections are almost invisible with the naked eyes. It only shows under the camera lens. ;)

  6. Mac-s are my lemming forever! But I just won't pay that much for a color I can find dupe for 2$...

    I love your blog, I must say it once more, and you have an award on my blog!

  7. De er jo super smukke, kunne bare ikke retfærdiggøre at købe endnu flere pasteller til samlingen efter sidste års pastel frenzy. Så må nøjedes med at lure på dem hos andre :D Og du gør det jo så smukt <3

  8. :O. Super flot! Den minder mig om en band t-shirt jeg har ;D. Det er virkelig virkelig flot! Det er vildt, at du kan lave det så detaljeret ;D

  9. Thank you so much girls! :)

    Rins, it's so true - yet when I see your pics, there's not any wonky lines, so I have to strive to get better! :)

    Stickers, I find it hard to find exact dupes for this purple - in fact, I'm desperately wanting one now, LOL, as it's the only pastel purple that looks good on me! But I completely understand your feelings about Mac as a brand though :) And thank you for the award, I will write it behind my ear to get post it :)

    Rijah, jeg er totalt hoarder, haha, så jeg kan ikke lade være ;) Mac er virkelig min guilty pleasure, jeg tænker mere på hvad jeg sparer på Chanel lakker end hvad jeg bruger på endnu et par pasteller :P

    Coewless, tusind tak! Jeg vil så gerne blive bedre til at lave designs, og at lave en accent-negl er meget mindre tidskrævende end en hel mani med designs, så det er mit mål at gøre det på næsten alle manis fra nu af, i hvert fald når tiden er der :) Ville ønske jeg havde mere tålmodighed og kunne lave designs på alle negle engang imellem, det er alt for sjældent jeg gør.

  10. hmmm can you reveal me what kind of stripers you use pls? I sooo want to try out "drawing" on nails as well, but can`t seem to get hold of great/afordable stripers :S

  11. Ah jeg kan bare ik li Macs pensel, så der vil jeg hellere have mine chaneller :D (neglelakssnob much?) haha :P

  12. Martje, I use a detail brush I bought on Ebay (a pack of 15 costs about 3-5$, lol). Nothing fancy :) You can try a toothpick or orangestick, it does the trick for tiny details :)

    Rijah, haha, Macs pensler er også dårlige. Men flaskerne og farverne de laver tiltaler mig så meget mere <3 Vi har alle vores fav mærker ;)

  13. love it!! :)


    Auf Wiedersehen!! :)