lørdag den 7. maj 2011

Color Club : Wild At Heart + stamp

I thought it was about time I used my stamping plates again :)

Lately I've been far too lazy with my manicures. I want to be better at using my stamps and do free hand designs too, and I have two reasons. 1, I want to be better, and 2, I feel like this blog is a little boring with boring swatches showing my one-colour manicures. So, I hope to improve on this!

I started with Color Club Wild At Heart (I have two of these, this is the less holo version), one coat was enough, then I stamped the bows with a fake konad plate using Rimmel - Rock Republic (great for stamping!). Lastly, I added dots using a dotting tool, failing miserably at keeping them the same size. I really suck at dotting!

Sunlight shot to show the holo-esque sparkles;

Wild At Heart + Rock Republic, sunlight

And a lightbox picture for better looking cuticles, LOL! This thing does wonder for my cuticles on pictures ;)

Wild At Heart + Rock Republic, flash

My topcoat dragged a few of the stamps/dots, but it's less visible IRL. I hope you like it anyways, it was a simple design to get me started on stamping again :)

♥ Vetten

13 kommentarer:

  1. I absolutely love this, it's stunning :-) Great colour combination and your stamping is perfect!

  2. I love the dotted nail, such a pretty combo!

  3. Gorgeous and those bows are so cute! Actually don't mind that the dots are in different sizes, looks even better :)

  4. Virkelig smukt negle design!

    Hvordan er det du har lavet sløjfen? Er ikke sikker på jeg har forstået det helt og kunne godt selv tænke mig at lave sløjfer! :-)

    Vh Michelle

  5. aw, the silver stamps look great over purple xx

  6. Looks adorable c:
    I hate when top coats do that, apparently your supposed to wait 30mins after you polish to add on the topcoat, but since I'm impatient I do it about 3mins later, haha.

  7. I love the dotted nail ! I'm in love with color by itself too.

  8. Rigtig fint med stampingen, er også begyndt at synes det er lidt sjovt =)

  9. Gorgeous!! And, I think the dots look great the way you did them! What a fun, girly mani with those bows, too! Super cute! :)

  10. Ih, hvor er det fint! Sløjferne er bare så flotte!
    Jeg tror også, at jeg må finde stampingen frem! ;D

    Jeg havde det også sådan med min blog, at jeg synes, den var ved at blive lidt kedelig med ensfarvede mani's. Derfor kom jeg op med min Fruity Fresh, så jeg kan så lavet nogle designs også :D.
    Det er også lidt sjovt at lave noget anderledes :D

  11. adorable! I really like the stamping :)

    ps: you got an award on my blog...

  12. Thank you so much everyone; I'm really glad you like it :) Your comments mean so much to me!

    Michelle, prøv at google Konad nail stamping, så får du et par gode tutorials at gå efter :)

    Maki, thank you so much for the award :)