onsdag den 11. maj 2011

A big thank you...

I really feel it's about time I write a little thank you :) 

This blog has become such a big part of my life, and it means the world to me that people continue to find time and want to check out what I do. Your comments always make me smile and can save any day ♥ You make me strive to be better, more creative and above all remember to have fun. So thank you from the bottom of my heart... It sounds so cheesy, but I mean it.

I will try to be better at answering comments/questions, but it happens I forget. Don't hesitate to throw (another) email after me, if I don't reply - I always intend to but life gets in the way every now and then.

I've been asked to make a post on what I use for nail/cuticle care, so I will be working on that during the next weeks. If there's anything in particular you'd like to see/know, LMK in the comments, okay? :)

At work today I broke a nail - I cut/filed them shorter 2 days ago, and now one of them is incredibly short. :( I wish it was just a corner that broke, but no, I had to cut it down completely. Urgh... I will wait a week before filing the others shorter; this length looks terrible on me. I'm even thinking of using a fake nail while it grows out, LOL! What do you do when this happen?

Oh, and so this doesn't end up as a picture-less post, let me show you what I received this week... Nfu Oh Fakies, LOL! The bottles are a smidge smaller than Nfu Oh bottles, and the lids are of much cheaper quality. Still, I think they're pretty neat! They smell absolutely terrible so I'm sure they're toxic, and thus I'm not sure what to do with them. I try to be as picky as possible regarding nail polish ingredients, but I am thinking about trying these outdoors one day. I love me some glitter, especially hexagon! ♥ If all else fails, they were cheap enough to use for frankens.

Glitter Polish in Nfu Oh looking bottles
I will have a NOTD up later I hope :) Until then, take care!

♥ Vetten

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  1. Haha jeg kunne godt forestille mig lugten.. Ikke noget værre end neglelak der bare lugter af grum maling :P Men flotte er de altså :) Jeg kører heldigvis med korte negle hele tiden og klipper dem så snart de begynder at være bare lidt lange. Så det er ret sjældent jeg har problemer med knækkede negle og i så fald at jeg knækker en alligevel så klipper jeg dem altid bare ned alle sammen. Der er nu heller ik noget som nyklippede negle :P Det er jo næsten ligesom at have været i bad.. bare for neglene hvis du ka følge mig? haha :D

  2. Those fakes are quite eye-catching! But you're right, possibly quite toxic, too--be sure not to drink them. :)

  3. Where did you get the Nfu Ohs??? I actually kind of like the gold tops...even if they are inferior to the standard black ones.

  4. Rijah, ville ønske jeg havde længere "nailbeds" - altså længere negle på selve fingrene, så ville jeg også have dem korte og praktiske :) Jeg er bare blevet vant til at have dem semi-lange, så nu foretrækker jeg det, mine fingerspidser føler sig helt sårbare når jeg klipper negle, haha.

    KarenD, LOL, I'll try to resist temptation ;) You never know, though! Oh, I forgot to add that I asked the seller what ingredients were used, and he replied "nail polish"... Ha ha. I just gave up and assumed they'd contain at least a few of the toxic ingredients ;)

    Varnish, I bought them on ebay from a HK seller, I believe they are listed as glitter polish :)

  5. So cool!
    I'll look If I can find them ^^
    Awesome polishes!

  6. Do you have the link or the name of the ebayer please?
    I searched and I didn't find them ^^'

  7. I have to say that I really like reading your blog and that the quality of your pics etc is very nice too. I honestly think that you deserve more followers (especially when I compare your blog to a couple others that have a lot of followers:P)
    Those bottles look quite alike! and i love the blue glitter!

  8. aaahh sweetie, this nailblog community is just great, we all stick to eachother and cheer eachother up :)

    Enjoy what you do!!

  9. Rock-or-not, I searched for glitter polish and they were n the first pages if you choose "price + shipping -cheapest first". If you still can't find it, I'll look up the seller, but Ebay changed the My Ebay page so I haven't found my recent purchase history yet lol. I'm probably blind ;D

    Renee, wow, thank you so much <3 I don't do many giveaways and I think that's why I don't have so many followers, LOL, but I'd rather people come here of their own will and not because they're chasing a carrot ;)

    Martje, it's so true - I love this community!

  10. Rock-or-not, I just found my purchase history LOL, the seller is called freespace-888 :)

  11. That's such a sweet post dear!
    I don't think you need to worry about replying to all comments and everything, we are all busy so I am sure everyone understands :)

    Oooooh these glitter polishes look spectacular.
    Even if they are not very safe you can at least use them as top coats or for frankens. I am very curious to see how they apply on the nails!