onsdag den 25. august 2010

Rock Solid!

Today I am in the mood for something dark. I want it to match most outfits, and since I often wear black I think it is a nice opportunity to try out one of my new black nail polishes!

One of the local grocery stores had a special on "Wet n wild" make-up with 50% off, so of course I had to check out their stock. I was disappointed to see they only had about 10-15 colours, but at least they had one I had been wanting to try, Rock Solid "Dream Black Metallic". I also picked up a solid black which I will be using for base when I get my hands on some nail art pens and konad stamps! Oh, my shopping list is big for September, LOL!

Anyhow, Dream Black Metallic was a dream to apply. Just wow. It has perfect consistence, great coverage (I used 1-2 layers, 1 thick-ish on some nails and two thin on the others - I wanted to try out both). Usually I'm against using thick layers, but this one dries so quickly and evens out despite of it so I actually prefer one thick coat! I wish all nail polishes were as nice in consistence and coverage as this one :) It also has a nice, flexible brush. No, I haven't been paid to test it out, lol, though I admit it is rare I think so highly of a polish. Usually it's either consistence or coverage.

Wet n Wild ~ Rock Solid ~ Dream Black Metallic

In the bottle, Dream Black Metallic is a shimmer with both green, purple and bronze/yellow. Applied, I can only make it show hints of green, so that was a little disappointing. Still, I think it's a beautiful black shimmer. Definately worth a try!

Also, I'm getting a lot better applying nail polish in general which I hope you can see from the pictures. I'm sorry my index finger nail is so short on all my shots in general; I have issues with these breaking all the time :( Applying nail hardener regularly is helping, so hopefully they'll grow out rather sooner than later!

Here's a picture! I used a base coat but no top coat.

Wet n Wild ~ Rock Solid ~ Dream Black Metallic

And lastly, a bonus picture! It features a yellow polish (unkown brand I purchased while being on holiday in Greece a couple of years ago), and a cute Dollymix G1 My Little Pony!

Until I write again!
~ Vettelicious

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