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Dappen dish? *Update*

Today I received my very first nail polish bought online - and it wasn't a polish per say. It's Essie's Matte About You - a matte topcoat I've seen featured on a lot of blogs and wanted to try out for myself!I bought it from Ebay, and the seller wrote "dappen dish" under the customs note - I have no idea what that means! But I didn't have to pay custom fee's, so I'm good!

My first online bought nail polish! Definitely not the last!

Yesterday I went into town to buy a few polishes I had been looking at a few days ago. I thought I could live without them, but when I got home I started to regret not buying them, so I figured I might as well get them before they're sold out ;) I bought all of them in H&M, let's take a look...

The first is a mini, called "Grey Sky" - it's very subtle but it is a shimmer. It has a pinkish purple tint to it, an is not a shade I would usually wear - but I have plans for this one..

H&Ms Grey Sky

Here's a picture where you can (hopefully) see the shimmer ~

H&Ms Grey Sky
Up next is one I decided to try immediately after getting home. It's called Mambo and I'm pretty sure it's an older release - it looks nothing like the current lines, or maybe the H&M in my area doesn't carry the particular line (I'm pretty sure you think whatever, right? LOL). There was only one left, so I was thrilled to see it hadn't been sold :)
It's a pretty nothing-too-special dark purple - it's way more warm than the pictures show, though! Here's pictures!

H&Ms Mambo

Me wearing Mambo - excuse the wobbly lines and smudges

I also bought my first glittery polishes from the Hello Kitty Make-up line - I love Hello Kitty so I thought it a great opportunity to try out some bling bling! Their names are pretty basic, Glitter Silver and Glitter Purple. My camera had problems picking up the warm purple again.. It might have something to do with the crappy, clouded sky outside!

H&Ms Hello Kitty Nail Polish - Glitter Silver & Glitter Purple
I decided to try out Glitter Purple on top of Mambo, and here's what it looks like ~

H&Ms Mambo and HK Glitter Purple

Up close so you can see the sparkles!

I like the result, especially considering these are both cheap polishes - I paid 29,95 dkr. for Mambo and 24,95 dkr. for each Glitter. It's a bit too flashy for everyday use (at least for me), but then again it brightens any grey day. It's a combo I'm pretty sure I will use in the future when I'm in the mood for purple! After I was done taking pictures, I looked at my new matte topcoat and thought "hey... that might make the blend a little less bling!" I tried it on one nail and I love it! I hope I have time to do a shot tomorrow to show you :)


Update ~ to show with Essie's Matte about you topcoat - on my thumb! Se the difference? I think it looks great! Sadly, the camera focused on the glittery ones, not the matte.. Oh well. Next time I'll do better :)

Thanks for reading!
~ Vettelicious

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