fredag den 20. august 2010

I fiddled a bit with the design...

And I quite like it now! It looks way better at least :) I used to be an all-pink person, but lately teal-turqouise has been the new pink for me. 
It's no secret that I love being creative - whether it's drawing, painting, sculpting or sewing (in hand), key chains, customizing toys, etc. I've experimented with it. My main preference is drawing, it's the thing I enjoy the most and what I'm best at (whether I'm good can be discussed LOL). I want to share a few drawings of my alterego, Taffy. She's a mix of a rat and dog (yes, I like to draw furries - this is not everyones preference, but I assure you I do it purely to have fun... no dodgy thoughts behind it LOL). She's like me in many ways - so you can probably find hints of my personality here and there in my drawings. She's also the character featured on my teeny, pixelated avatar. 

Bigger version of my avatar

Taffy & Bunny <3

In the future, I'll be uploading drawings and other stuff I make every once in while. It's a good distraction from buying nail polishes LOL.

You can check out my furaffinity profile here for more drawings ~

Have a great weekend!
~ Vettelicious

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