tirsdag den 28. september 2010

Today's manicure

I've had a great day today, work went well, my migraine is FINALLY gone and I've been doing some house chores for once! And the weather has been great this afternoon which made the day even more great :)

Let's focus on my mani today. I recently purchased a polish from Nr. 7 Boots, a UK company - a colour called #45 Blackberry. It's a dark magenta, I'd say it's the colour of an aubergine - with a very subtle golden shimmer (I love my subtle shimmers!!). Sadly I forgot to take a picture of the bottle itself, so you'll have to do with the manicure.

Sunlight - Blackberry
Shade w/flash - Blackberry
 I decided to spice it up with some Konad stamping - initially I wanted to try out some new, very cheap plates I got off Ebay, but the style didn't suit the colour, so I went with a classic - m57 leopard pattern! To add a little new to it, I went holographic - and I love the result!

Nr. 7 Blackberry + GOSH Holographic

Rainbow sparkles!

Base colour ~ Nr. 7's #45 Blackberry
Stamped colour ~ GOSH Holographic

Even though I love Blackberry in the bottle, and as a colour in general, it just doesn't suit me very well. I think I will try it out as a stamped colour next time, maybe it's one of those colours on me where less is more. I also might have made it a little too flashy with the holo on top... Oh well, I had to learn the hard way. ;)

Have a great Tuesday!

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