mandag den 20. september 2010

Viva La Nails nailart + Paradoxal

I have a couple of pictures of Chanel's Paradoxal for you today! I decided to wear it during the weekend, since my nails don't chip as much when I'm off work ;)

Paradoxal - flash
Paradoxal - no flash
Paradoxal - natural light

Paradoxal - sunlight (see the sparkles!)

Subtle glitter = win

I really wanted to show you the Catrice polishes my mom bought from me, but I haven't had good enough light to take pics of the swatches I made. Soon, I promise!

Instead I'll show you the contents of a package I received last week - a sample package from Viva La Nails!

Viva La Nails Haul
I have only had the time to try out one thing - a white flower sticker. I've always loved nail art stickers, as they are so easy to use, but I'm very picky about which brands I purchase. Some are too thick and have too much clear plastic around them, making it very visible where the sticker is placed (making it look really cheap).
Once I decided which sticker to try it was easy to apply to my nail. It has a kind of jelly-ish feel to it, and it looks pretty neat on the nail. At 2£ for each package, I would not go crazy and buy a lot - but it's good quality and would stay on for quite a while without a topcoat, even! (Yes, I tested through an evening with cleaning, washing my hands several times). They stay on even prettier with a topcoat of course. I would recommend these to people who put quality above quantity.

Viva La Nails Nail Sticker - this is 5x RL size, so that's why the sticker line is so visible ;)

Viva La Nails Sticker with topcoat - and lots of natural sunlight for added sparkles ;) xx

I can't wait to try out the other stuff!

If you love fiddling with nailart, I would surely recommend getting their sample package - I received a total of 15 products for the cost of shipping (3£ within Europe). And they offer a wide variety of nail art, also Konad image plates. It gives you lots of different types to play with and find your preferences, before you buy anything too expensive. This may sound like a commercial, but it is not intended to, not at all. If there's something I dislike it's people recommending products just because they received them for free.

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