torsdag den 23. september 2010

I spiced up a migraine..

... But I had to do my nails. I recently started working in a retail store, and my nails suffer greatly. They chip, break (especially my middle finger) and I hate to admit it to myself - I'm not one to cry over a broken nail and I don't do much to avoid it. The way I see it, it's part of my job. It just annoys me a little that it makes my nails that much harder to represent well in my blog! Oh well. If I keep them reasonably short from now on, maybe my middlefinger can keep the same length as the rest of them! Until they've grown out, forgive 'em, will ya? :)

So, yesterday I got a very exciting package in the mail - the Coraline Konad Stamp set A! Three small bottles of konad polish, 2 plates, a stamp and a scraper. Just like this one (swiped off google) ~

Coraline Konad set A
If you want close-ups of the plates, I'd be glad to take some for you.

I didn't see Coraline when it was released, I'm not much of a movie-theater person... In fact, it wasn't until recently when I found the dvd on sale I bought it and watched it. I soon regretted not watching it sooner; it's a great movie! I love Coralines personality, so cheeky :)

I decided to try out my two most recent blue polishes bought - GOSHs Gypsy Blue and H&M's Spending Cash with Carl. I ended up painting all my nails with Gypsy, and giving two nails SCwC. SCwC is a very sheer polish; it would take many coats to cover on its own. 

Here's a picture of my nails with Gypsy Blue ~

GOSH Gypsy Blue (Gosh, my nails look so crooked! I swear it's the angle I hold them in to avoid glare from the light, And I press my pinkie down too hard, LOL! Horrible picture.)

I think I'm getting better at putting on polish without staining all my cuticles! This was one coat, I would def. use two if I didn't Konad 'em all over. Here's the result of some of the nails I did - they are the best of out the bunch, so to say. I'm super picky about myself today. I blame the migraine!

GOSH Gypsy Blue on pic 1, 3 & 4 - and 1 coat Gypsy w/ H&M's Spending Cash with Carl on pic 2
I used the special Konad yellow polish for the print, and have later added a topcoat. Gypsy Blue washed out a bit with the flash (as did SCwC). It's like the first picture in real life. And the bare looking spots on pic two is reflection, too. One coat Gypsy w/ one coat SCwC covers greatly.

As for plates, I used the two special Coraline plates and M3 for all the stars. Painstakenly put on one at a time.

I want to ask you readers, if you have any experience with top coats over Konadicures? It smudges so easily for me, but I haven't tried other coats than Mavala and Gosh top coat. Do you have any experience with the special Konad top coat? Is it worth the pennies?

Anyway, that's all for today! I should get to bed again and rest my sore head. God I love migraines. Not!

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  1. Ooh!You have the Coraline plates!I was also looking for those, but found them a bit too expensive on ebay. Where did you get yours? x