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OPI : Here Today... Aragon Tomorrow (+suede scotch accent finger)

Wow, it's been a while since my last post! The past weekend has been very busy, celebrating birthdays Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, working, cleaning and preparing like mad on Friday.. It was a blast, but I'm totally exhausted after it lol.

While I was celebrating my boyfriend and mum, I didn't have time to change my manicure so I was wearing a silver chrome with a crackle on top. The result was a bit sloppy so I didn't take any pictures ;) I finally had time to change my manicure, and I took one look at my untrieds and knew I had to try the original version of Here Today... Aragon Tomorrow from OPI.

Aragon is an incredibly dark forest green polish with subtle shimmer. It's almost black, and I'd say it's a jelly with creme tendencies, it took me three coats to cover my nails. The shimmer is very subtle, but you can just make it out in direct sunlight. It should not be your reason for purchasing this baby though, or you would be severely disappointed. In my book, the shimmer is a bonus, not a necessity.

I used two coats of my preferred basecoat, NailTek II (I'm hoping that using two coats from now on will help minimize the yellow tint to my nails - they are very yellow, sadly), three coats of Aragon and one coat of China Glaze Fast Forward. 

Aragon is very easy to work with, and applied like a dream with very little clean-up for me to do. Sadly, I rushed the layers too much and was left with a huge amount of bubbles. Luckily, Fast Forward took care of them for me :)

Here's the most colour accurate picture I took - and shimmer showing!

Here Today.. Aragon Tomorrow - direct sunlight

And here's a picture showing the accent nail I did - having both versions of Aragon I simply had to play with it, even if just a little.

Here Today.. Aragon Tomorrow + suede accent nail - lightbox, natural light

Personally, I couldn't love this manicure more. It's simple, green and super shiny ♥ I admit that I was totally biased, wanting to love it made me work harder to make it work ;) The name and colour is what won me over, it's very hard to love through swatch pics, as it looks so black. Unless you're a hardcore dark green lover and jelly tolerater/lover like me, I don't think Aragon will do much for you - it's not a perfect green creme but it will work if you love it enough and have the patience for three coats.

What's your opinion about Here Today... Aragon Tomorrow? Do you own it, the suede version or both? Which is your favourite version? If I had to choose, I'd go for the Suede version (and I just might have to get a back-up of it, I love it so much), but I'm really glad to have both and will be using them combined again :)

♥ Vetten

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  1. Love your combo. HTAT is one of my favorite polish (the classic version). I have to get a new bottle of this one !

  2. That looks awesome =) I didn't knew that the original HTAT contains shimmer, pretty!

  3. OMG, awesome mani!!! I love it! I have to try it out!! Love the accent finger, ah! So gorgeous! For me HTAT is a wonderful colour, now, that I've gotten my forest green that is still green colour. I'd kill myself if I bought it before, wanting to gave a forest green and I'd made HTAT great injustice. Wonderful colour.

  4. The combo is stunning *w*
    HTAT by itself looks lubbly ♥

  5. Hvor er det bare flot!! :D

  6. They look amazing together!! I bet it would look super super with one as the color and the other as the tip....maybe even all the same except for the ring finger and that can have the opposite combo....does that make sense? I can see it in my head and it looks HOT!

  7. I saw these colour on sale and i didn't get it now i regreat :)

  8. Thank you everyone for your kind words, I am very glad you like it! It has worn great too; and I find it hard to remove for a new manicure ;)

    Melissa, I think that would be a great idea! I will def. keep that in mind for my next funky french :)

  9. ser fantastisk ud på den finger :)

  10. That accent nail is gorgeous!

    I have both versions--somehow I never realized the classic one has shimmer. I'll have to take a closer look at my bottle.

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